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Generations Brought Together with Rainy Day Wins Making WRKC History

Photo courtesy: Lisa Black

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Generations Brought Together with Rainy Day Wins Making WRKC History

In the sporting world, there are not many arenas where young and old can compete at the same level.

This past weekend, history was made at the Waterloo Regional Kart Club for a veteran and a rookie.

Brian Wilkinson, who has raced Masters for many years, won a very wet feature race that saw many competitors spin out. As a veteran racer, he could anticipate weather conditions and was confident in his win.

Meanwhile, in the young cadet class raced Carson McFarlane, a rookie in his first season, and until this weekend – without a win. Carson raced under the same wet conditions, ran a conservative pace, and confidently won not only his first race, but his first one in the rain.

What made this day even more special is that Carson is the grandson of Brian Wilkinson. This is a milestone in WRKC’s 36 year history and rare feat in the world of racing.

Brian and Carson shared their wins on the podium with their respective classes, and then had a moment for just themselves – grandfather and grandson – to savor the moment. There was applause and a few tears in the crowd, and although it was raining, the shared win made an otherwise gloomy day into a moment of triumph and family pride.

WRKC had a very wet a Saturday race event this past weekend with all feature races being run in the rain. Cadet group provided a lot of off track excursions during the final which saw Carson McFarlane taking the win over Cole Newton. Novice put on a great show and in the final it was Quinton Murdoch who was unstoppable in the rain taking the feature win for the second weekend in a row. Junior light had a great turn out for this wet day and in the feature it was Jordan Ramsbottom taking the top spot. Jr. Heavy feature was won by Russell Woodley. Senior medium was Andrew Whelan who was uncatchable in the wet weather and took the feature win. Masters Brian Wilkinson simply just walked away in the very wet final for the win with Andrew Tarr a distant second.

Thanks again to the Race Day sponsor Techno Metal Post Hamilton Durham and Derek Hofrichter for your continued support which without them none of this would be possible. WRKC is off for the next couple of weeks but please come out for the next scheduled Race event on Saturday Aug 12, everyone’s welcome to join in the fun with WRKC for a great day of racing and remember no admission for spectators everyone is welcome so please bring the family out and cheer on your favorite driver. Don’t forget stay after the kart racing and watch a full night of Stock car racing at Flamboro Speedway it’s a great family entertainment evening. For more info on the WRKC and scheduled racing dates please check them out at

Top-five results from all groups Race 9:

1. Carson McFarlane
2. Cole Newton
3. Kole Slote
4. Liam Hofrichter
5. Avery Bowersl

1. Quinton Murdoch
2. Ethan DeMenna
3. Isabella Rego
4. Owen Colling
5. Nolan Hofrichter

JR Lite:
1. Jordan Ramsbottom
2. Nathan Alger
3. Zachary Allison
4. Johnny Robillard
5. Ethan Slote

JR Heavy:
1. Russell Woodley
2. Josh Bisschop
3. Mathew Glenn
4. Piper Adams
5. Tyler DiVenanzo

SR Medium:
1. Andrew Whelan
2. Ryan Brutzski
3. Dominique Smith
4. Tyler Paquette
5. Dave Miller

1. Brian Wilkinson
2. Andrew Tarr
3. Scott Ellwood
4. Dave Mordue
5. Gerry Reis

#99 Scotty Watkins #19 Logan Prince and #9 Michael Bauer (Photo by: Lisa Black)

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