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FWT: Victory for Juan Manuel Correa in TaG Junior Sunday Final

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FWT: Victory for Juan Manuel Correa in TaG Junior Sunday Final

Round four of the 2013 Florida Winter Tour hit the track in Homestead, Florida today as drivers and crews returned to the Homestead-Miami Speedway, under sunny skies, but very cool temperatures.

Former Easykart International Grand Final Champion Mauricio Andres Baiz (Birel) earned his second pole-position of the weekend in the TaG Junior qualifying session, ahead of Juan Manuel Correa (Praga), Christian Munoz (Tony Kart), Jack Weprin (FA Kart) and Pedro Cardoso (CRG).

Baiz took the early lead in the first heat ahead of Munoz as the two drivers would drive clear of the field. Correa and Cardoso would be further behind the leading battle as they fought for third. At the end of the heat the top-five remained the same as it started as Baiz took the win ahead of Munoz, Correa, Cardoso, and Reichelt.

The inverted grid for the second heat saw Dustin Stross (Sodi Kart) take the early lead of the race ahead of Armin Cavkusic (FA Kart), Michael McCarthy (Birel) and Jared Cordova (Birel) as the top four broke away from the rest of the field. Two laps into the race  McCarthy took the second position away from Cavkusic and he would look to battle for the lead. With the fast drivers all battling through the field Stross, Antony Ptak (Birel) and Cardova would battle for the lead. Fast Qualifier Baiz drove his Leopard powered machine from 24th to the second position and with two laps to go as he would try to catch new leader Ptak. At the finish it was Ptak taking the win ahead of Baiz, Cardova, Reicheilt, and Cavkusic.

In the Final Baiz took the holeshot into turn one as he was followed closely by the Praga of Correa. Correa would take the lead on the second lap, but Baiz responded quickly taking the lead back  from Correa. Gavin Reichelt was in third position from the beginning of the race before being chased by a charging Ignacio Salvucci (AM Kart), who started further down the grid. Unfortunately for Saturday winner Weprin, contact just prior to the halfway point, would end his chances at victory. Back at the front of the race, Correa would make his move on Baiz for the lead just past the halfway point. This would bring Reichelt, and Salvucci to the lead two and make it a four way battle for the win. Next lap by Salvucci got by Reichelt for the third position as Cardoso would now pressure Reichelt from behind. Crossing the finish line as the winner, it was Correa ahead of Biaz, and Salvucci finishing in the third position just ahead of Cardoso.

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