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FWT: Oliver Askew Wins Fourth Senior Max Race To Complete Championship

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FWT: Oliver Askew Wins Fourth Senior Max Race To Complete Championship

It has been an impressive 2014 Florida Winter Tour campaign for Florida native Oliver Askew. Although the grid hasn’t been as strong as years past, there was still some top talent on track at all three FWT rounds and Askew was able to secure a victory at each track, to score the championship in fine fashion.

Sunday was a little different than his other victories though, as Askew (OGP/TonyKart) was pushed a little harder for this one. Tracking down leader Luke Varley (Anderson/Birel), Askew worked his way by and pulled a gap through the mid stages of the Final.

But Varley slowly inched his way back onto the Askew’s bumper with only a few laps remaining, setting up an excellent passing display to close out the day in Orlando.

Trading the lead for the final three laps, Askew led as the last lap board was shown. As Askew blocked through the first three corners, Varley swooped wide against Askew’s block in corner four to drag race into five. Varley then resumed the lead and defended all the way down the long back straight and the adjacent one entering the final section of the lap. Braking deep into the second-to-last corner and with some contact, Askew overtook the lead en route to the finish line to record his fourth win in six races.

Jamaican Thomas Issa (J3/Kosmic) was third followed by Americans Dan Roeper (BN Racing/Birel) and Roger Ralston Jr (FA Kart).

Zachary Scalzo (KGK/TonyKart) led the Canadian contingent with a seventh place result. Garett Britton (KMS/Birel) fourteenth. Saturday winner Zachary Claman DeMelo (Goodwood/Intrepid) was involved in a big first corner incident that also claimed Johnny Flute (Mosport/Kosmic) and Christophe Paquet (PSL/CRG).

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