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Five MRFKC Briggs Titles Up for Grabs at Goodwood

Simpson, Treadwell, Savaglio, Walsh and Di Leo lead their respective classes into the championship finale.


Five MRFKC Briggs Titles Up for Grabs at Goodwood

The final gathering of the 2019 MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championships hits the track this weekend at Goodwood Kartways. The Championship finale event features a single final with a 1.5 multiplier on the points drivers can earn. This means that each category is a little closer going into the race weekend and with the Finals planned to be under the lights, that’s another factor drivers will be challenged with this weekend if they want to drive home as a champion.

In the Briggs 206 classes, all five divisions are up for grabs. It’s been very exciting in Briggs Junior and Senior, where big grids and many different race winners have helped shaped a great showdown at Goodwood.

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Here are the five Briggs & Stratton championships to watch this weekend at Goodwood and how close the points standings are going into the finale.

Briggs Senior – Treadwell, Herder and Prior all under a blanket

55 points are all that separates the top-three drivers in the electrifying Briggs Senior division. It has been a terrific battle between Jonathon Treadwell, Pearce Herder and Jordan Prior this season, each with two victories so far and always in the hunt for victory.

A double-victory for Treadwell as Mosport vaulted him to the top of the standings, but it is Prior who is riding the high after becoming Canadian Champion just a few shorts weeks ago. Herder and Treadwell are former MRFKC champions themselves and the trio cannot count out Alex Murphy as well, as he holds an outside chance at the title as one of the other drivers to win a race this season.

The respect between these three drivers means we should be in for a superb race for the title, while the remainder of the grid will simply be hoping to end their season with a victory. We can’t wait to see what happens.

1. Jonathon Treadwell 1280
2. Pearce Herder 1255
3. Jordan Prior 1225
4. Alex Murphy 1085
5. Avery Miller 765
6. Tyler McCullough 755
7. Mike De La Plante 755
8. Zach Boam 720
9. Alex Da Silva 675
10. David Barnes 665

Briggs Junior – Savaglio has a shot at a double-crown

With a 260-point advantage, Gianluca Savaglio enters the weekend with not one, but two chances to drive home an MRFKC title, as he also leads in Rok Junior. He has enjoyed a great season in the Junior Briggs class, so far driving home five race wins, including a sweep in the season opener at Goodwood.

Chasing Savaglio is a great scrap for the vice-championship position. Marco Filice has emerged as a contender this season and holds an 85-points margin over Zain Ikram, while Jake Cowden is 130 marks back of Filice, with all three having a race win to their credit this summer.

Junior Briggs has been the most competitive class to watch this season and a look down the standings proves that. Newly crowned Canadian Champion Nicky Palladino is only eighth in the ranking, while Callum Baxter, a driver who has stood on the podium twice this season is down in twelfth, albeit he did miss a round at Mosport.

No doubt, there will be some position shuffling when the final points are tallied Saturday night and we’re excited to see how it all plays out in Briggs Junior.

1. Gianluca Savaglio 1405
2. Marco Filice 1145
3. Zain Ikram 1060
4. Jake Cowden 1015
5. Steven Navratil 915
6. Adam Ali 900
7. Logan Pacza 855
8. Nicky Palladino 840
9. Logan Ferguson 690
10. Daniel Ali 640

Briggs Cadet – Di Leo leads the race

With five wins and four pole-positions this season, Jordan Di Leo has taken control of the Briggs Cadet championship race. Heading to his home track of Goodwood, Di Leo holds a 275-point advantage over Ashton Henckel, while Canadian Champion Ryan Maxwell is third, another 40 points back.

Henckel may be kicking himself now after missing the first MRFKC race of the season and since has not finished lower than second in every Final.

There has been some great Cadet racing this summer, with four different race winners, including Caleb Campbell, who drove home the top honours in round four at Mosport that also earned him the Pfaff Junior High Performer. He is fourth overall, with an opportunity to jump as high as second with a strong performance under the lights. Rounding out the top-five is Major Makovskis, who’s found the podium twice this summer with third-place efforts.

1. Jordan Di Leo 1550
2. Ashton Henckel 1275
3. Ryan Maxwell 1235
4. Caleb Campbell 1135
5. Major Makovskis 845

Briggs Masters – Four driver battle to decide a champion

Since round two of the championship, we have known it was going to be a four-kart race for the title. The summer went on, the gaps have shortened and heading to Goodwood, where a maximum of 325 points is available, the top four are separated by only 140 points.

On top, Corey Walsh is just barely 15 points ahead of Levon Beaudin, who has come on strong this summer. Eli Yanko is only 85 markers from the leader, while Rich Folino shortened his distance from the top in round four and is 140 back. These four have claimed only four of the eight Finals this season, as David Anderson and David Miller have both only shown up for three races and left with two wins apiece.

1. Corey Walsh 1200
2. Levon Beaudin 1185
3. Eli Yanko 1115
4. Rich Folino 1060
5. Stephen Goebel 815

Briggs Junior Lite – Simpson looks in control ahead of Mackenzie and Bound

A very unique stat this season comes in Junior Lite. While 28 different drivers have suited up for at least one MRFKC race this summer, only two have completed all eight Finals. This means the championship is limited to only a few drivers.

Cooper Simpson is in control, with a 215 points lead over Elias Mackenzie, while Etha Bound, who scored a pair of wins in round four, is third, 250 points back of Simpson. Gavin Goldie and Ayden Igratta, both race winners this year, are fourth and fifth, but well behind the leaders after missing a number of races this summer.

With numbers like these, it makes us wonder if it’s worth having the inconsistent class in the regional series in 2020. Then again, it’s not our decision.

1. Cooper Simpson 1270
2. Elias Mackenzie 1055
3. Ethan Bound 1020
4. Gavin Goldie 950
5. Ayden Ingratta 790

Online registration for the event is open and can be done so through the website. It is strongly suggested drivers PRE-REGISTER for the race weekend.

The day will begin at 12:00 Noon on Saturday and practice and race throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Following the podium celebrations, a complimentary fireworks show be on display.

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