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First Victory for Folino in Briggs Masters


First Victory for Folino in Briggs Masters

Stehle cruises to Saturday victory before moving to Senior division

The Briggs Masters division featured eleven drivers this weekend and featured a pair of late-race showdowns to the finish line.

On Saturday, it was Marc Stehle (Ricciardo Kart) up against Eli Yanko (TonyKart) and Rich Folino (BirelART).

The pair of Stehle and Yanko were working together to get away from the field when Yanko suddenly slowed just past halfway. A sputtering carburetter was the culprit, but he was still able to continue to the finish, just off the pace.

While Folino did all he could to close back onto the bumper of Stehle, he just didn’t have enough and Stehle scored the race win. A pushback bumper penalty for Folino didn’t affect his second-place finish as his cushion to third place Levon Beaudin (BirelART) was more than five seconds. Ian Macintyre (CL Kart) was fifth.

MRFKC1 Briggs Masters Saturday Final Results

1Marc Stehle
2Rich Folino7.244
3Levon Beaudin9.027
4Andres Lopez9.448
5Ian MacIntyre9.670
6Eli Yanko11.279
7Greg Scollard13.507
8Stephen Goebel20.438
9Dan Skilton20.754
10Luiz Brandao24.521
11Quinn Dewsbury24.956

On Sunday, Stehle decided to race in Briggs Senior instead, but the group gained an entry in Nuno Branco.

This race came down to the wire between Folino and Yanko.

A great final lap saw Folino get in front and defend perfectly when needed. Rounding the final corner and holding the inside line, Folino notched his first MRFKC win by only 0.097 seconds.

Andres Lopez had a quiet race in third, finishing ahead of Dan Skilton (CL Kart) and Macintyre, who rebounded from two incidents during the race to still finish inside the top-five.

MRFKC1 Briggs Masters Sunday Final Results

1Rich Folino
2Eli Yanko0.097
3Andres Lopez10.336
4Dan Skilton12.470
5Ian MacIntyre18.858
6Levon Beaudin19.073
7Nuno Branco20.881
8Luiz Brandao21.829
9Grego Scollard22.983
10Quinn Dewsbury17 laps
11Stephen Goebel24 laps

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