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Ferguson Scores First Big Win in Briggs Junior as Prime Drivers Dominate at MRFKC


Ferguson Scores First Big Win in Briggs Junior as Prime Drivers Dominate at MRFKC

Logan Ferguson (BirelART) had a weekend he may never forget during round two of the MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship at the Canadian Mini Indy.

On Saturday, Ferguson battled to score not only his first podium in regional karting competition but his first race win as well. In addition, throughout the entire weekend of competition, he never ranked lower than second place, posting two pole-positions, winning both Pre-Finals and finishing second in the Sunday Final. He was also awarded the Pfaff High Performer award on Saturday.

Not to be left out, his fellow Prime Powerteam teammate, Logan Pacza, also enjoyed a great weekend of racing. Pacza secured the race win on Sunday after a great last-lap battle with Ferguson, and he too never ranked lower than second all weekend, always right on the bumper of Ferguson.

In both Finals the teammates worked together early in the race to break free from their competition. Just like at the CKN Dash for Cash, they rarely exchanged the lead and if they did, it was on the main straight to ensure no speed was lost, waiting until the final laps to settle the finishing order.

Saturday’s race saw Ferguson execute a perfect pass in corner four, diving up in the inside and forcing Pacza to lift before turning in. It allowed Ferguson to have enough rolling speed on exit to pull ahead enough that he didn’t need to defend in the final corners before taking the checkered flag.

On Sunday, Pacza learned from the experience the previous day. He gained the lead with four laps to go and never relinquished it from there. He defended the final lap perfectly and ensured Ferguson didn’t have a perfect score for the weekend.

Steven Navratil (Awesome Kart) just narrowly edged out Daniel Ali (Kosmic) and Jordan West (BirelART) for the third step of the podium on Saturday, while West returned the favour on Sunday to complete a Prime podium sweep.

Race Result: MRFKC R3 Briggs Junior Final

  1. Logan Ferguson
  2. Logan Pacza +0.086
  3. Steven Navratil +8.884
  4. Daniel Ali +8.928
  5. Jordan West +9.052
  6. Ari Korkodilos +9.074
  7. Nolan Hofricter
  8. Jeremy Vaillancourt
  9. Anthony Boscia
  10. Mitchell Morrow
  11. Samuel Gow
  12. Scotty Watkins
  13. Kian Sargood
  14. Noah Taylor
  15. Nathan Yu
  16. Benjamin Leinweber
  17. Oliver Regier
  18. William MacCormack
  19. Caden Drummond
  20. Johnathan Petrone
Logan Pacza

Race Result: MRFKC R4 Briggs Junior Final

  1. Logan Pacza
  2. Logan Ferguson +0.288
  3. Jordan West +3.535
  4. Steven Navratil +3.754
  5. Ari Korkodilos +3.927
  6. Daniel Ali
  7. Scotty Watkins
  8. Anthony Boscia
  9. Mitchell Morrow
  10. Samuel Gow
  11. Jeremy Vaillancourt
  12. Caden Drummond
  13. Kian Sargood
  14. Nathan Yu
  15. Johnathan Petrone
  16. Noah Taylor
  17. William MacCormack
  18. Oliver Regier
  19. Nolan Hofrichter
  20. Benjamin Leinweber

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