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Exciting Racing in Briggs & Stratton Junior and Masters Friday Heats

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Exciting Racing in Briggs & Stratton Junior and Masters Friday Heats

Following an excellent day of SuperPole Qualifying, the action resumed on Friday in Mont-Tremblant with the first two rounds of heat races for all classes participating in the 2014 ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships in Quebec.

With karts going wheel to wheel for the first time this week, it was an excitement filled day of action with an excellent preview of what is to come throughout the rest of the weekend.

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Briggs & Stratton Junior

Heat 1
In Briggs & Stratton Junior the first heat was dominated by three drivers, as Austin Bisschop (REM/Birel), Roman DeAngelis (Birel), and Joshua Conquer (DMR/TonyKart) had a great start and immediately pulled away from the field. Bisschop held the initial lead until Conquer pulled out and passed him on lap three. On the next lap Bisschop and DeAngelis would both get past Conquer but it wouldn’t be over yet. On the last lap DeAngelis had a good run on Bisschop down the back straight allowing him and Conquer to cruise on by and leaving Bisschop to finish third.

Coupe du Quebec Championship leader William Gosselin (FA Kart) won the battle for fourth ahead of Andre Fiorini (K&K), Tyler McCullough (Intrepid) and Jeff Fulham (K&K). Unfortunately for Fiorini he would be disqualified after losing his exhaust silencer on track promoting McCullough to a top five finish.

Heat 2
Heat two was very similar to the first one as the lead trio pulled away early. This time however Conquer would lose the draft of DeAngelis and Bisschop at lap five. Deangelis and Bisschop would fight for the lead with two laps remaining, with DeAngelis taking the win on the last lap. Conquer would fall to fourth after being caught and passed by McCullough who was pushed by Fulham.

Briggs & Stratton Masters


Steve MacVoy (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

Heat 1
In the Master Briggs & Stratton category Steve Macvoy (K&K Kart) had a great first heat making his way up from seventh to win ahead of Gerard Daniel (CRG), another driver who came from the middle of the pack to finish second in the heat. David Patrick (DMR/FA Kart) came home in third place after falling down to seventh and without a draft. Eric Beltrami (CRG) and Keith Barrick (K&K) were both set to finish third and fourth but Barrick tried to make a bump and run move on Beltrami in the final corner which allowed Patrick get by and the rest of the pack to catch-up.

Heat 2
In heat 2 Macvoy took the hole shot into turn one ahead of Patrick, Gerard, Barrick and SuperPole winner Dave Anderson (Goodwood/Intrepid). Patrick grabbed the lead on lap two but was once again freight trained all the way back to tenth position a lap later. With that being said, Anderson creeped up to the front leading MacVoy and the two pulled away with Daniels and Blake Choquer (BBR/Birel) close behind. On the last lap Daniels and Choquer had huge contact in the final corner allowing Mario Martin (Tonykart) to finish third ahead of Savard and Patrick who once again was lucky to get a top-five finish because of another crazy final lap.

The Briggs Masters class was one of the highlights on Friday as the 28 drivers have really pushed each other beyond their limits. We will see if it continues throughout the remainder of the weekend.

Full Results and points standing** can be found on our competitions page.

**Our points standings do not factor in the qualifying points.

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