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Excitement Returns for HRKC Season Opener at Canadian Mini Indy

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Excitement Returns for HRKC Season Opener at Canadian Mini Indy

The second stop of our opening weekend of karting competition in Canada had us travel west to Hamilton, Ontario, home of the Canadian Mini Indy and the Hamilton Regional Karting Club.

Immediately we noticed some adjustments to the asphalt of the circuit, learning later that a diamond cutting machine had been brought in to grind down many of the rougher parts of the circuit and from the visual eye, it was very noticeable when the karts were on track. Talking a few of the drivers to get their reactions, they were very pleased with the adjustment, noting specifically how much better it was to down around the long first corner section.

With 37 Briggs and Stratton karts in attendance for the first HRKC race of the year, the track opts for open practice in the morning to allow everyone as much track time as they’d like. Drivers came and went, did short stints, long stints, and even a few quick stints, making adjustments on the way and shaking off the rust from a longer than normal off-season.

Quickly we had another realization. There were only BirelART karts on track and what a sight that was to see. A full sea of red, every competitor in support of Prime Powerteam, showing their loyalty and support to those that help give them an outlet to do the sport they love.

One noticeable difference from our day earlier at Mosport, masks were mandatory throughout the paddock, and not just on the grid, and for the most part, everyone obliged.

After a socially distanced driver’s meeting, it was time to go racing. Here’s how the numbers broke down by category: 2 in Masters, 13 in Junior, 7 in Cadet and 14 in Senior. Not a bad start to the season.

Upfront there were some familiar helmets leading the charge. Notable members of the Prime Powerteam are leaders to the club and help support those still developing their skills. Logan Ferguson and Logan Pacza duked in out in Junior, while Jordan Prior and David Barnes led the way in Senior. Jon Treadwell was also making his Canadian debut with support from Prime, after switching to the BirelART colours after the 2019 race season.

In Cadet, we saw Anthony Raducanoiu drive off into the distance to score the win, with Pearce Wade and Joey Lecce rounding out the podium positions.

With the growth of Rok Cup racers in the region, the HRKC will include a 5-race mini-series into their club schedule this year, allowing Rokkers to compete alongside the Briggs regulars and for the club to continue growing. In addition, the Canadian Mini Indy will host the MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship and the CKN Dash for Cash the weekend leading up to the big event.

“Covid-19 has been a difficult time for everyone, but particularly Canadian Kart tracks as we are already a seasonal business. It’s a breath of fresh air seeing karts take to the track for the first race of the season. Especially with large growth from 2020. I would like to thank all of our HRKC Members for their cooperation and understanding while we negotiated the past few weeks. We are looking forward to more great and safe racing in 2020. Drivers from other tracks are welcome to sample our track before the MRFKC race in August!”
-Trevor Wickens, Canadian Mini Indy

To learn more about the HRKC and the Canadian Mini Indy, visit their website,

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