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Event Page: 2015 ROK Cup International Final

International News

Event Page: 2015 ROK Cup International Final

Our first trip across the Atlantic ocean of 2015 has finally arrived as we touched down in Lonato, Italy, home of South Garda Karting and this weeks ROK Cup International Final.

The very unique event attracts Vortex ROK racers from around the world to compete on the global stage including five Canadian and a large selection on American drivers.

Tune in here for updates and photos all week long from Qualifying all the way to the Champion Finals on Saturday.

There is also an awesome mobile application that has been developed for the event allowing those not in attendance easy access to live timing and more. Search ‘ROK Cup’ in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. 

The ROK Cup International Final is complete with a very eventful Saturday of Championship Finals now in the books. Check…

Posted by Canadian Karting News on Saturday, October 17, 2015

ROK Cup Championship Finals

1. Leonardo Marseglia (USA)
2. Jak Crawford (USA)
3. Mattia Michelotto (ITA) **Received 1-second penalty after winning
4. Luigi Coluccio
5. Timotheos Dimitriou

Junior ROK
1. Danny Carenini (ITA)
2. Stuart White (RSA)
3. Francesco Pagano (ITA)
4. Nicola Abrusci (ITA)
5. Alessandro Giardelli (ITA)

18. Mathias Ramirez (USA)
24. Anthony Gangi Jr. (USA)

Senior ROK
1. Szymon Szyszko
2. John Norris
3. Daniele Barbero
4. Muchael Muller
5. Lodovico Laurini

Super ROK
1. Danilo Albanese (ITA)
2. Alessandro Vantini (ITA)
3. Lorenzo Travisanutto (ITA)
4. Joseph Seppi Sticht (DEU)
5. Nicolo Liano (ITA)

10. Ryan Norberg (USA) – Initially crossed in 6th but received 3-second penalty
11. Kyle Kirkwood (USA)

ROK Shifter
1. Giacomo Pollini (ITA)
2. Mattia Vita (ITA)
3. Mattia Lugli (ITA)
4. Austin Garrison (USA)
5. Nathan Parkins (RSA)

17. AJ Myers (USA)
20. Dominic Legrand (CAN)
27. Guillherme Jacob (USA)

ROK Cup: Jak Crawford places USA on the MINI ROK Championship podium with a third place finish behind race winner Mattia Michelotto (ITA) and runner-up Leonardo Marseglia (ITA). #ROKCup

Posted by Canadian Karting News on Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saving her best for the last lap, Morgan Healey charged forward to win the ROK Cup Senior Sparco Trophy! #karting #italy @rokcupusa

Posted by Canadian Karting News on Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sunday B Finals

Mini ROK Petronas Trophy
1. Viktor Gustafsson (SWE)
2. Alessandro Famularo (VEN)
3. Riccardo Camplese (ITA)
4. Lachlan Defrancesco (CAN)
5. Francesco Crescente (ITA)

15. Luca Mars (USA)

Shifter ROK South Garda Trophy
1. Cristian Lepore (ITA)
2. Julian Van Der Watt (NLD)
3. Stavros Tentis (SWE)
4. Michele Beccaria (ITA)
5. Marco Bonfanti (ITA)

8. Michael Marjaba (CAN)
13. Adriano Amaral (USA)
14. Michel Legrand (CAN)
18. Thomas Hankinson (USA)

Super ROK Bridgestone Trophy
1. Simon Reicher (LUX)
2. Amalie Wichman (DNK)
3. Xuanhao Lee Jon (SGP)
4. Ignas Dailis (LTU)
5. Anthony Somma (FRA)

6. Kris Hoffbeck (CAN)
8. Ariel Castro (USA)
16. Jake Craig (USA)

ROK Cup Sparco Trophy
1. Morgan Healey (USA)
2. Carlos Fonseca (CRI)
3. Axel Bengtsson (SWE)
4. Nicolas Varrone (ARG)
5. Gianluca Dingli (MLT)

13. Gonzalo Aponte (USA)

Junior ROK T-Kart Trophy
1. Jagger Jones (USA)
2. Antonie Di Pasquale Franco (ITA)
3. Tomas Vaclavik (CZE)
4. Anderson Sella (ITA)
5. Vittorio Travagin (ITA)

22. Dylan Gennaro (USA)
25. Trey Brown (USA)


Friday Heat Race Rankings

ROK Shifter 1. Giacomo Pollini (ITA) 2. Austin Garrison (USA) 3. Federico Squranti (ITA) 4. Alessandro Buran (ITA) 5. Paolo Bonetti (ITA) 9. Dominic Legrand (CAN)* 25. AJ Myers (USA)* 34. Gullherme Jacobs (USA)* *Transferred to ROK Cup Final 46. Michael Marjaba (CAN)** 47. Thomas Hankinson (USA)** 52. Michel Legrand (CAN)** **Transferred to South Garda Trophy (B Main) ROK Junior 1. Francesco Pagano (ITA) 2. Danny Carenini (ITA) 3. Alessandro Giardelli (ITA) 4. Nigel De Sanctis (ITA) 5. Macjej Szyszko (POL) 27. Mathias Ramirez (USA)* 30. Anthony Gangi Jr (USA)* *Transferred to ROK Cup Final 36. Jaggar Jones (USA)** 42. Trey Brown (USA)** 58. Dylan Gennaro (USA)** **Transfered to T-Kart Trophy ROK Senior 1. Szymon Szyszko (POL) 2. Yoshindo Baumgartner (CHE) 3. Johnothan Aberdein (NLD) 4. John Norris (POL) 5. Alessio Baldi (ITA) 37. Morgan Healey (USA)** 48. Gonzalo Aponte (USA)** **Transferred to Sparco Trophy Mini ROK Main Event Lineup 1. Michelotto Mattia (ITA) 2. Timotheos Dimitriou (ITA) 3. Leonardo Marseglia (ITA) 4. Jak Crawford (USA) 5. Luca Giardelli (ITA) Mini ROK Petronas Cup Lineup (B Main) 1. Francesco Crescente (ITA) 2. Alessandro Famularo (VEN) 3. Jacopo Guidetti (ITA) 4. Lachlan DeFrancesco (CAN) 5. Michael Paparo 16. Matthew Marrocco (CAN) Did Not Qualify: Derek Carmenate (USA) Matheus Morgatto (USA) Jace Jones (USA) Super ROK 1. Stefano Villa Zanotti (ITA) 2. Cinti Riccardo (ITA) 3. Danilo Albanese (ITA) 4. Ryan Norberg (USA) 5. Cosimo Durante (ITA) 9. Kyle Kirkwood* *Transferred to Main Event* 36. Jake Craig (USA)** 38. Kris Hoffbeck (CAN)** 45. Ariel Castro (USA)** **Transferred to Bridgestone Trophy (B Main)



Thursday Heat Races

Closing out the day, ROK Junior, Senior and Mini completed their first round of heat races with the sun finally shining down. Junior ROK A vs B 1. Danny Carenini (ITA) 2. Francesco Pagano (ITA) 3. Mateusz Pylka (POL) 4. Nicola Abrusci (ITA) 5. Maciej Szyszko (POL) 12. Mathias Ramirez (USA) 20. Anthony Gangi Jr. (USA) Junior ROK C vs D 1. Stuart White (RSA) 2. Alessandro Giardelli (ITA) 3. Michal Kasiborski (POL) 4. Domenico Cicognini (ITA) 5. Skeed (ITA) 18. Jaggar Jones (USA) 25. Dylan Gennaro (USA) 28. Trey Brown (USA) ROK Senior A vs B



ROK Cup Qualifying is complete here in Italy. Mixed results for the North American drivers in very challenging conditions. See how they ended up here:

Posted by Canadian Karting News on Thursday, October 15, 2015

Qualifying Results:

A relatively dry run through the morning was interrupted by rain in the second and final practice of the day. As it dried up the qualifying sessions rolled out with both ROK Senior and ROK Shifter splitting their overall rankings based on session results, not overall time.

ROK Senior
1. Syzmon Szyszko (POL)
2. Yoshino Baumgartner (CHE)
3. Jonathan Aberdein (RSA)
4. Dawid Dziocha (POL)
5. John Norris (POL)

35. Morgan Healey (USA)
39. Gonzalo Aponte (USA)

ROK Shifter
1. Paolo Bonetti (ITA)
2. Giacomo Pollini (ITA)
3. Christopher Zani (ITA)
4. Mattia Melis (ITA)
5. Federico Squaranti (ITA)

8. Dominic LeGrand (CAN)
13. Austin Garrison (USA)
37. AJ Myers (USA)
40. Michael LeGrand (CAN)
46. Michael Marjaba (CAN)

Super ROK
1. Joseph Steppi Sticht (DEU)
2. Riccardo Cinti (ITA)
3. Danilo Albanese (ITA)
4. Lorenzo Travisanutto (ITA)
5. Dominik Weibel (CHE)

11. Ryan Norberg (USA)
26. Kyle Kirkwood (USA)
45. Kris Hoffbeck (CAN)
52. Jake Craig (USA) – No Time

Junior ROK
1. Francesco Pagano (ITA)
2. Nicola Abrusci (ITA)
3. Alessandro Giardelli (ITA)
4. Michal Kasiborski (POL)
5. Nigel De Sanctis (ITA)

41. Mathias Ramirez (USA)
48. Jagger Jones (USA)
50. Anthony Gangi Jr (USA)
55. Trey Brown (USA)
64. Dylan Gennaro (USA)

Mini ROK
1. Mattia Michelotto (ITA)
2. Jak Crawford (USA)
3. Luca Griggs (ITA)
4. Timotheos Dimitriou (ITA)
5. Leonardo Marseglia (ITA)

6. Jonny Edgar (UK) 50.333
66. Luca Mars (USA)
94. Derek Carmenate (USA)
104. Jace Jones (USA)

116. Lachlan Defrancesco (CAN) – Excluded after qualifying 7th for engine issue.

Kart360 VLOG #1

What a beautiful sight, even if it is raining. We are at the home of karting this weekend in Lonato, Italy, host of the…

Posted by Canadian Karting News on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Five Canadians En Route to Italy for ROK Cup International Final

Turning the calendar another page, the month of October is upon us and with it begins the international karting season. Like the leaves, the temperatures are falling and racing conditions have become less possible across the country, steering drivers who still want to compete to international events around the world, with four blockbuster international races upon us before the year is up.

The first on the schedule competes at the unofficial home of karting as the ROK Cup International Final invades South Garda Karting in Lonato, Italy on October 14-17. A unique event that invites competitors from around the globe who commonly race with Vortex ROK engine has grown in popularity over the past few years and once again has boasted a wait-list for those who did not confirm their entries early enough.

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