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Esposito and Ali Split the ROK Junior Races at MRFKC Hamilton

Daniel Ali (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)


Esposito and Ali Split the ROK Junior Races at MRFKC Hamilton

The MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship races over the weekend at the Canadian Mini Indy in the ROK Junior division were split between Frankie Esposito (BirelART) and Daniel Ali (Kosmic) following some unpredictable action.

On Saturday, Marco Filice (BirelART) was the early race leader. Esposito and Marcello Paniccia (Kosmic) duked it out for second for a couple of laps before Esposito finally secured the spot. Two laps later he wasted no time working his way by the race leader to take over the top spot.

From there, Esposito was lights out, pulling away to a seven-second victory.

Frankie Esposito

In the race for second, Filice, Paniccia and Ali had a great battle for the position with Filice getting the position over Paniccia at the finish line as the three crossed within a second of each other.

The Sunday Final was much different. Luke Mann (BirelART) jumped out the early lead from the outside of the front row and by corner five, Mann had a huge lead following a collision between Esposito, Callum Baxter (BirelART), Filice and nearly the rest of the ROK Junior grid.

From the tail of the starting grid, Paniccia navigated through the chaos and found himself second on the opening lap and he began to track down Mann. He overtook on lap ten to gain the lead and checked out on the field until heartbreak on lap twenty-three. The rear bumper of Paniccia’s kart became dislodged and he was forced to retire while leading the race.

Before he pulled off the track, Paniccia had slowed up enough that Mann and Ali had caught the leader, with Ali taking advantage and moving by Mann, who couldn’t find a place to pass Paniccia.

With the laps counting down, a very hard-charging Filice had caught the race leaders and was hungry for the win. He found his way by Mann in corner seven on the final lap but didn’t have enough time to go after Ali, who secured the race win.

Filice ended up second, even with a nosecone violation from the lap one crash, while Mathew Demarinis (BirelART) jumped onto the podium in third following a penalty to Mann for jumping the start.

Race Result: MRFKC R3 ROK Junior Final

  1. Frankie Esposito
  2. Marco Filice +7.067
  3. Marcello Paniccia +7.786
  4. Daniel Ali +7.925
  5. Luke Mann +17.013
  6. Mathew Demarinis
  7. Anthony Boscia
  8. Franco Savaglio
  9. Callum Baxter
  10. Caleb Campbell

Race Result: MRFKC R4 ROK Junior Final

  1. Daniel Ali
  2. Marco Filice +5.209
  3. Mathew Demarinis +21.083
  4. Luke Mann +0.349
  5. Franco Savaglio +22.093
  6. Anthony Boscia
  7. Marcello Paniccia
  8. Callum Baxter
  9. Frankie Esposito

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