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ECKC: Zachary Claman Demelo dominates in Rotax Junior final

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ECKC: Zachary Claman Demelo dominates in Rotax Junior final

The theatrics of the Rotax Junior class continued today, with a wild start that saw both Parker Thompson (SH Karting/TonyKart) and Olivier Bedard (SRA Karting/Birel) spinning from positions two and three respectively, before they even got to turn one. This action allowed Zachary Claman Demelo (ZCD-PSL/CRG) to pull an early lead, while the remainder of the class scrambled to get around.

Sliding into second was Tyler Kashak (Intrepid) with Anthony Tolfa (Prime/Maranello) holding down the third position.

The fight for second heated up as the laps ticked away, with many drivers holding the position, until Jeffery Kingsley (SRA Karting/Birel) grabbing the position after he battled through the field from his last row starting spot.

With Demelo gone, and Kingsley pulling away from the pack, this left Cameron Morrison (SH Ontario/TonyKart), Samuel Fontaine (PSL Karting/CRG), Aidan Landauer (REM/Birel) and Tolfa to duke it out for the final podium position. At the finish Landauer earned the spot, but a contact penalty pushed him down to fifth, moving Morrison into third.

Check this post-race Keek with second-place Jeffery Kingsley.

Jun 30, 2012 | Mosport ECKC Rotax Jr. Final – Jeffery Kingsley by wp_3639pe_live on

1. Zachary Claman Demelo CRG
2. Jeffery Kingsley Birel +8.367
3. Cameron Morrison TonyKart +9.590
4. Samuel Fontaine CRG +9.605
5. Aidan Landauer Birel +9.376
6. Anthony Tolfa Maranello +9.812
7. Trevor Rancier KnK +9.894
8. Parker Thompson TonyKart +11.497
9. Olivier Bedard Birel +11.724
10. Tyler Kashak Intrepid +12.484
11. Tyler Ripani LH Kart +12.493
12. Marco Signoretti Intrepid +13.623
13. Adam Martin Maranello +13.742
14. Jordan Slipicoff Intrepid +14.002
15. Alexandre Courturier TonyKart +15.001
16. Tyler Brady Arrow +17.178
17. Richard Schumacher TonyKart +20.797
18. Dylan Brady Arrow +21.058
19 Isaac Marritt Maranello +21.414
20. Tyler Rushton Intrepid +22.624
21. Taegen Poles TonyKart +12 Laps
22. Nicholas Dore Birel +13 Laps
23. Thomas Vaillancourt CRG +15 Laps

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