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ECKC Updates on ICAR Cancelled Races

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

ECKC Updates on ICAR Cancelled Races

During the 2nd round of the ECKC held in Mirabel, Québec, extraordinary rain stopped the normal schedule of the day. Despite and all efforts done by the track manager to remove the water from the track, the track flooding added to the very poor racing conditions due to the nonstop rain, forced the officials to use section 7.7 of the ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Regulations Book 1 – Sporting Regulations and to cancel the 2nd final for 6 classes due to Force Majeure.

This unusual situation placed the management of the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship in a difficult situation. After evaluation of the situation and different scenarios, the ECKC management has decided the following:

1. The cancellation of some Final 2 races will have no effect on classes having run their 2nd final (Rotax MAX Junior, Rotax DD2 & DD2 Masters). Series schedule and point system will stay as describe in the ECKC Series regulations, i.e. a 8 race championship with one drop.

2. All classes which ran only Final 1 will now become a 7 race championship. Point awarded for the heat races will be changed for the same point structure as a normal pre-final to keep the same point value for each race. Competitor will still be allowed to drop their worst result (1 drop)..

We hope that you understand the situation as there is no perfect solution in the circumstances. We apologize for this but like competitors, we have absolutely no control on elements.

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