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ECKC: Thompson out-battles Fontaine to take the victory in Rotax Junior

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ECKC: Thompson out-battles Fontaine to take the victory in Rotax Junior

The Rotax Max Junior class continues to provide the 2012 Eastern Canadian Karting Championship with some of the best racing currently available. Today’s race at ICAR was exciting from the front to the rear, as there were heavy battles for every position all race long.

Santino Ferrucci (Energy Kart Canada/Energy) made a great move to the inside of turn one from his third starting spot to take the early lead, while pole-sitter Parker Thompson (SH Karting/TonyKart) and Samuel Fontaine (PSL Karting/CRG) tucked in behind the young American through the first lap. It didn’t take long for Thompson to make his move for the lead, and in the process, he brought Fontaine through with him and the two began to break away.

Tyler Kashak (Intrepid), Jeffrey Kingsley (SRA Karting/Birel) were then able to track down Ferrucci and the trio began dicing for position until Thompson and Fontaine began trading the top spot, allowing Kashak, Kingsley and Ferrucci to catch back up and make it a five-kart battle for the lead.

The exciting race that went down to the final lap would see Thompson take the checkers, his second ECKC victory of the summer, ahead of Fontaine, Kingsley, Ferrucci and Kashak.

1. Parker Thompson
2. Samuel Fontaine +0.146
3. Jeffrey Kingsley +2.100
4. Santino Ferrucci +4.612
5. Tyler Kashak +6.003
6. Oliver Bedard +6.963
7. Tommy Lamaire-Ouellet +7.314
8. Nicholas Dore +8.505
9. Trevor Rancier +8.599
10. Kami Moreira-Laliberte +10.589
11. Nicholas Faure +11.158
12. Cameron Morrison +14.085
13. Chistophe Paquet +18.249
14. Alexandre Lacroix +20.646
15. Alexandre Couturier +21.080
16. Cedric Lupien +30.036
17. Tyler Rushton +31.281
18. Chase Pelletier +33.228
19. Jordan Slipicoff +37.089
20. Adam Martin +39.148
21. Charles Regimbale +39.533
22. Anthony Tolfa +3 Laps
23. Tyler Brady +10 Laps
24. Dylan Brady +11 Laps
25. Marco Signoretti +14 Laps
26. Tyler Ripani +16 Laps
27. Taegan Poles +17 Laps
28. Sarah McKay

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