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ECKC: Steven Szigeti Wins a Wild Rotax Senior Final

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ECKC: Steven Szigeti Wins a Wild Rotax Senior Final

In Senior Rotax Marco Di Leo (Intrepid North America/Intrepid) and Kevin Monteith (REM/ Birel) managed to get the lead from the outside heading in to the first corner with Steven Szigeti (SH Karting/ Tonykart) slotting in behind in third. Monteith took the lead from Di Leo two laps into the race and held positon for the most of the early stages in the race. At the halfway point Szigeti managed to get past both Monteith and Di Leo for the lead and started to gap the field lap by lap.

In the mean time Luke Chudleigh (Prime/ Maranello) was charging through the field from his fourteenth place starting spot. With the leaders battling early in the race Chudleigh made gains lap after lap and eventually caught up to Di Leo and Monteith’s battle for second. With two Laps to go Chudleigh got by Moneith for third but wasn’t able to to get by Di leo for Second.

In the end it was Szigeti first, followed by Di Leo, Chudleigh Monteith and Reid Arnold (Intrepid North America/Intrepid) rounding out top five.

1. Steven Szigeti Tonykart
2. Marco Di Leo Intrepid +3.202
3. Luke Chudleigh Maranello +4.142
4. Kevin Monteith Birel +4.829
5. Reid Arnold Intrepid +6.090
6. Rui Texeira Birel +6.966
7. Max Preston Intrepid +8.746
8. Alejandro Liverant Praga +10.264
9. Johnny Flute CRG +10.750
10 Sasha Aleksic CRG +13.622
11. Taylor Gates Birel +15.747
12 Kieran Oxley Birel +16.223
13. Cristian Medeiros CRG +16.742
14. Michael Kundakcioglu Maranello +16.978
15. Arika White Tonykart +19.479
16. Kenneth O’Keefe CRG +19.738
17. Maxime Courtier Tonykart +22.529
18. Lauren Fortune Intrepid +24.137
19. Bryson Schutte Intrepid +2 Laps
20. Marc-Andre Levesque Tonykart +3 Laps
21. Matthew Radaelli Firstkart +5 Laps
22. Jesse Lazare Tonykart + 13 Laps
23. Brayden Seberras Birel +14 Laps
24. Austin Milwain Tonykart DQ

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