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ECKC: Steven Szigeti scores the victory in Rotax Senior

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ECKC: Steven Szigeti scores the victory in Rotax Senior

As usual, the Rotax Senior class provided plenty of excitement when the 23-kart field barrelled into the tight turn one at ICAR for the start of their final. Karts could be found facing in multiple directions, and for the second day in a row, Luke Chudleigh (Prime/Maranello) was the victim but unfortunately unlike yesterday he wasn’t able to continue.

Pole-sitter Jesse Lazare (SH Karting/TonyKart) held the early lead, with Steven Szigeti (SH Karting TonyKart) and Kevin Monteith (REM/Birel) in tow, while the remainder of the field duked it out for position.

The front three were able to quickly gap themselves from the field, and near the halfway point, Szigeti made his move under Lazare to take the lead in turn one. Monteith tried to follow through, but Lazare was able to lock back into second.

From there, the front three ran nose-to-tail to the finish, with Szigeti able to pull a short gap in the final laps to hold Lazare from making a move. Szigeti scored the win, ahead of Lazare and Monteith.

Marco Di Leo was able to track down the leaders in the closing laps, but just ran out of time and would finish fourth, while Marc-Andre Levesque would complete the top-5.

1. Steven Szigeti
2. Jesse Lazare +1.001
3. Kevin Monteith +1.695
4. Marco Di Leo +2.675
5. Marc-Andre Levesque +9.000
6. Bryson Schutte +9.767
7. Fritz Leesman +15.587
8. Reid Arnold +16.345
9. Max Preston +19.510
10. Rui Teixeira +20.726
11. Alex VanSnick +21.178
12. Maxim Bussieres +21.321
13. Johnny Flute +21.924
14. Aaron Kennedy +22.327
15. Sasha Aleksic +27.799
16. Maxim Couturier +31.728
17. Arika White +32.928
18. Chris Ernst +36.186
19. Egor Bougaev +36.662
20. Jordan Kennedy +37.342
21. Kieran Oxley +19 Laps
22. Nathan Kelly +19 Laps
23. Luke Chudleigh +20 Laps

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