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ECKC: Saturday Finals are underway, check here for results

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

ECKC: Saturday Finals are underway, check here for results

Saturday Finals have begun here at Mosport International Karting for round one of the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship.

Top-10 results from each final will be posted here, with official race reports to follow this evening. Check back often for updates.

All results are unofficial at this time. 

Rotax DD2

It was a five-kart race in DD2 where Bressan and Woodley enjoyed a spirited battle for the lead, with Italian Alessandro Bressan taking the victory.

1. Alessandro Bressan
2. Milan Dontje
3. Fred Woodley
4. Jeffrey Kingsley
5. Alessandro Bizzotto
6. Gavin Reichelt
7. Brendon Bain
8. Dante Lerra
9. Alan Rudolph
10. Michael Ilavia

Briggs & Stratton Junior

It was a very exciting race at the front of the field. At the end Nicholas Hornbostel led the lap that mattered the most and took home the first Briggs & Stratton Junior win of the year.

1. Nicholas Hornbostel
2. Tyler McCullough
3. Austin Bisschop
4. Andre Fiorini
5. Joshua Conquer
6. Anthony Conty
7. Tyler Boullon
8. Roman DeAngelis
9. Zachary Latimer
10. Patrick Schwets

Briggs & Stratton Senior

Reigning Champion Jonathon Treadwell wins the Briggs Senior final ahead of Michael Glaze who comes back to karting after two years away from the sport.

1. Jonathon Treadwell
2. Michael Glaze
3. Bailey Jacobs
4. Marc Stehle
5. Cody Fenton
6. Ryan Mohan
7. David Patrick
8. Zach Boam
9. Simon Belanger
10. Kevin May

Rotax Junior

In Rotax Junior it was a three kart battle for majority of the race. Gianfranco Mazzaferro took home the win to start off his run for the Championship

1. Gianfranco Mazzaferro
2. Tyler Ripani
3. Roman DeAngelis
4. Cedrick Lupien
5. David Ilavia
6. Samuel Lupien
7. Thierry Cote
8. Jordan Slipacoff
9. Clay Van Eerd
10. Joe Soranno

Micro Max

1. Jeremy Tallon
2. Gianluca Savaglio
3. William Michaud
4. Justin Aresenau
5. Liam Rhodes
6. Anthony Sardellitti
7. Thomas Nerve
8. Dale Curran

Rotax Senior

1. Christophe Paquet
2. Zachary Claman Demelo
3. Zacharie Scalzo
4. Kevin Monteith
5. Jordan Lennox
6. Steven Szigeti
7. Anthony Tolfa
8. Marco Signoretti
9. Chad Campbell
10. Marco Di Leo

Rotax Mini Max

Flag to Flag win for Michael d’Olrando, but another lap and his brother Nicholas could have changed the story.

1. Michael d’Orlando
2. Nicholas d’Orlando
3. Xavier Harris
4. Lachlan DeFrancesco
5. Ryan MacDermid
6. Stefano Lucente
7. Alexandre Legare
8. Xavier Dorsnie
9. William Chayer
10. Christopher Chanko

Rotax DD2 Masters

Paul Carvalho dominates the DD2 Masters final, leading every lap. Polesitter Stuart Clark was forced to sit out due to conflicting schedule with his CTCC race.

1. Paul Carvalho
2. Francis Mondou
3. Etienne La Salle
4. Chris Glover
5. Martin Verville
6. Enrico Bolduc
7. Luc Sauriol
8. John Cariati
9. Michael Brooks
10. Dean Cotton

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