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ECKC Responds to New Costs Associated with Championship

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

ECKC Responds to New Costs Associated with Championship

Yesterday we reported that the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship (ECKC) was in full gear preparing for the upcoming season.

A major discussion that broke out included the introduction of an additional championship fee for those drivers wishing to race for the title in their respective class. While it is not uncommon for a major championship to have higher fees and charges, given the nature of what happens and the professionalism it takes to host and operate an event such as the ECKC, many still voiced their opinion regarding the additional fee, as dismal as it was.

In talks with ECKC series officials, CKN has learned that these fees are to help cover the costs of continuing to build the ECKC program. The series has hired a full time series manager for 2015 and is weighing their options on a new technical staff as well, which would need to be flown in. The ECKC is committed to improving the championship awards as well as trophies and as many know, they are expensive.

However, the series didn’t want to enforce it on everyone, especially those who wish to only partake in one or two local rounds, which is why the fee is optional and not just an increased registration fee for the entire season.

We are amped up for another ECKC great season, are you?!

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