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ECKC: Kingsley and Signoretti Split Briggs LO206 Victories Again

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

ECKC: Kingsley and Signoretti Split Briggs LO206 Victories Again

During the podium celebrations on Sunday afternoon at the Jim Russell Karting Academy in Mont-Tremblant, it felt like deja vu when the winners stepped to the top of the podium for the Briggs & Stratton LO206 Senior category. Rotax DD2 regulars Jeff Kingsley and Marco Signoretti kicked off the season at Goodwood taking victories and they did it again in round three, managing to keep the Briggs regulars behind them at the finish line.

Race 1

For the early part in Final 1 Kingsley was in control with Signoretti glued to his rear bumper. But Signoretti went to the lead on lap seven and brought Pearce Herder with him past Kingsley. Jean-Francois Lafontaine was also in the mix as the front four had broke free.

Herder took his turn at the lead three laps later, shuffling Signoretti back to fourth. With Lafontaine holding off Signoretti for a few corners, Herder and Kingsley broke free to settle the race on their own.

Kingsley tried everything in the final two laps but just came up short and at the finish line it was Herder crossing in first with Lafontaine scoring the final podium step while Isaac Marritt took advantage of Signoretti on the final lap to finish fourth.

However officials deemed an early race move by Herder forced Lafontaine off track and accessed him a 1-position penalty, elevating Kingsley to the top of the podium.


Marco Signoretti leading the way (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

Race 2

The front four continued their battle royale in Final 2 as Kingsley once again jumped out to the early lead. Lafontaine slotted into second on the first lap but Herder quickly advanced on lap two and the front two were able to break free when Lafontaine and Signoretti exchanged blows for third with Alex Murphy and Simon Belanger also in the mix.


Up front it was a trouble-free race until the final two laps when Herder made his move to the lead coming into corner fifteen. Defending all the way to the bottom down all three portions of the straight away, Herder made it very difficult for Kingsley to get back by, but he did manage it through corner three-four, only for the two to make contact and slide up the exit of corner five. All of this allowed the pack to close in and Signoretti jumped at the opportunity and slid past both on the inside of five.

Kingsley regained his momentum enough to stay with Signoretti while Herder fell victim to Lafontaine and ran wide on the exit of seven, soaring over the hilly run-off.

With only a few corners to defend, Signoretti held off Kingsley to secure another Briggs victory while Lafontaine completed the podium for the second time on the day. Belanger and Murphy capped off the top-five as Herder fell to sixth at the finish line.

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