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ECKC: Junior Briggs Continues to Grow and Provide Excellent Racing

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

ECKC: Junior Briggs Continues to Grow and Provide Excellent Racing

Round number one of the 2015 Eastern Canadian Karting Championship is in the books after a superb weekend of racing at Goodwood Kartways, just north of Toronto, Ontario. Over 170 competitors took the track amongst nice classes, displaying some of the best racing we have ever seen at the ECKC.

As the fastest growing class at the ECKC it was very exciting and promising to have 28 drivers line up on the grid in Briggs & Stratton LO206 Junior at Goodwood, especially with a handful of last years finest moving on.


Travelling in from Montreal, Quebec, Xavier Dorsnie (Ben Cooper Racing/BirelART) posted the fastest time in Qualifying to kick off the 2015 ECKC season at Goodwood as the Juniors were the first class to qualify. The excitement built in the PreFinal as three K&K Karts battled for the lead along with Austin Bisschop (Collison Racing/BirelART), a previous ECKC race winner. Taking the win in the heat was Braxton Terry (K&K Kart) over Zachary Latimer (K&K Kart), Bisschip and Joshua Conquer (DMR/K&K Kart) while Dorsnie slid back to sixth behind Tanner Hamilton (Goodwood/Intrepid).

Dorsnie and a handful of other drivers found trouble at the start of the Final with the melee sending four karts through the barriers on the outside of corner two and three. Doing all he could to restart his stalled kart, Dorsnie was stranded waiting for a marshall until fellow competitor Isaac Delyea came to the rescue. Out of the race from the same incident, Delyea told Dorsnie to get back in his kart as he pulled the cord and pushed Dorsnie back onto the track and into the competition displaying a true act of sportsmanship.

On track a five kart battle for the lead ensued between Terry, Bisschop, Latimer, Hamilton and Conquer and the lead changed often. The K&K trio managed to work by Bisschop just past halfway as the group was setting up for a great finish until disaster struck. A hard crash in corner one saw both Ciarra Collison and Owen Clark make heavy contact with the barriers. The incident brought out the red flags and while both drivers walked away a little bumped and bruised, the red flag meant it was the end of the race and Braxton Terry was scored the winner over Conquer and Latimer.


Braxton Terry (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)


With his confidence high, Terry qualified on the pole for Sunday’s action.

In the Final though, the racing on Sunday was a little different as Hamilton and Bisschop were able to divide the K&K trio and eventually break free from them in the Final, leaving Terry and Conquer by their lonesome and a handful of drivers duking it out for fifth.

Bisschop led coming to the last lap sign with Hamilton all over his rear bumper. He tried in corner four but Bisschop held on. Hamilton tried again through six-seven and eight, but again Bisschop remained in the lead, until corner nine where Hamilton was finally able to sneak underneath. Drag racing up the hill Hamilton took the advantage over the hump and even though Bisschop tried to crossover, it wasn’t enough as the local guy Hamilton scored the win.

Terry scored his second podium of the weekend in third followed by Conquer. Khloe Drummond (Intrepid) muscled her way into the top-five at the finish while Logan Cusson, Jared Vegter, Latimer, Keidon Fletcher and Gavin Sanders completed the top-ten.


Tanner Hamilton (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

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