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ECKC: Jon Treadwell Wins Wet and Wild Briggs & Stratton Senior Final

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ECKC: Jon Treadwell Wins Wet and Wild Briggs & Stratton Senior Final

The 2013 Eastern Canadian Karting Championship finally got under way as a record turnout of drivers filled the grids at Mosport International Karting, just north of Bowmanville, Ontario. The weather kept everyone on their toes as it switched from dry to rain, back to dry, back to rain, and then dry to complete the day. Regardless of the weather, the racing action was intense in nearly every class and those who stayed to watch got a great show.

With the morning weather perfect for qualifying the Briggs and Stratton Senior class hit the track along with Briggs & Stratton Masters, combining for 32 karts. Drafting was very important and timing it right would make the perfect lap. Getting that perfect pull would be Zach Boam (GP Kart) while Corey Walsh (TonyKart) just barely took second ahead of Cory Cacciavillani (Birel). The CRG pair of Sean McPhee and Gerald Caseley completed the top-five. The fastest Master would be Jamie MacArthur.

The Pre Final would see Walsh get out front at the start while Boam would immediately be freight-trained down the order. Getting a nice push from Jon Treadwell (K&K Kart) who started sixth, the front two would begin to pull away. But McPhee posted the fastest laps in the heat as the laps wound down and would inch closer to the front. Treadwell made his move to the lead with two to go in turn five and made it stick and it would hold Walsh up enough to allow McPhee to catch and pass for second at the finish. MacArthur would hold on to lead the Masters with Russell Kroon just ahead of Greg Jewell.

The rain came pouring down as the drivers began to fill the grid for their Final. With everyone switching to a rain setup and rain tires, the class roared onto the track. Falling victim to a puddling first corner, McPhee would spin upon impact of the water and send karts scattering everywhere, and only a few bumps to McPhee’s kart.

Treadwell would assume the lead and start to pull away. But Mathieu Demers (CRG) would reel in the leader as they came to the halfway point of the shortened Final. Cacciavillani would also track down the leader and it became a three kart race. Demers made his move to the leader in five, but Treadwell countered it on exit and retake the lead. With Cacciavillani sitting in third and waiting to make his move, Demers tried again in turn five on the final lap, but once again Treadwell countered it on the exit and this time allowed Cacciavillani to get beside Demers. The two went up the hill side-by-side and entered the bowl with Demers spinning. This would allow Treadwell to get away and take the victory, while Cacciavillani crossed in second and Demers regaining in third and take the final podium spot. Marc Stehle (K&K Karting) had a great recovery from a mediocre Pre Final to take fourth while Caseley overcame an early accident to take fifth.

The Masters would be Russell Kroon take the top spot of the podium with MacArthur and Martin Coursol finishing second and third.

The big Briggs group put on some great racing and should only get better tomorrow as a few more drivers are rumoured to join the class.

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