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ECKC: Conquer and Sanders Control Briggs Junior

Gavin Sanders (610) and Joshua Conquer (654) were 1-2 on both days (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

ECKC: Conquer and Sanders Control Briggs Junior

Although they didn’t quite get the attendance that their Senior counterparts did, the Briggs & Stratton Junior category still featured solid grids at the opening round of the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship event at Goodwood Kartways.

However the Juniors were quite anxious and found themselves in trouble a few times this weekend where the red flag was required to calm things down.

On Sunday there was also an incident that unfortunately ended the weekend for defending class Champion Xavier Dorsnie. The scary crash resulted in Dorsnie needing a visit to the hospital where it has been confirmed that he broke his collarbone. While in good spirits when CKN contacted the Dorsnie family, we want to wish him a speedy recovery.

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Qualifying was very tight in Briggs Junior Joshua Conquer (TonyKart) and Gianluca Savaglio (Intrepid) secured the pole-positions.

After a crazy start that saw the lead change hands often, the  Saturday Final came down to race between four. Conquer led Khloe Drummond (Intrepid), Savaglio and Gavin Sanders (Kosmic) for the majority of the race until Sanders began making his way to the front. First he overtook Drummond in corner four and then followed it up the next lap in the same spot to get by Savaglio, although it split up the lead group and created a race of two.

Chasing down Conquer, Sanders did his best and once again made his move in corner four. Defending through the remainder of the circuit, Sanders crossed the line in first with Conquer and Savaglio in tow. However, officials deemed Sanders pass on Savaglio a little too rough and served him a one-position penalty, meaning Conquer was awarded the win.

Full Results from the weekend

Sunday’s race was a bit of a snoozer up front. After it took four attempts to get a green flag, Sanders jumped out to the lead with Conquer, Mackenzie Clark (Maranello), Savaglio and Jordan Prior (Maranello) in tow.

For fourteen laps, nothing changed up front and although Conquer made some soft attempts on the final lap it was for not as Sanders controlled the entire race and scored the victory, for good this time. Conquer pushed him across the line while Prior erupted with third after Clark was hung out to dry on the final lap, falling to seventh at the line.


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