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ECKC: Christophe Boisclair scores a convincing win in DD2 Final

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ECKC: Christophe Boisclair scores a convincing win in DD2 Final

It was a great start to the Rotax DD2 Final as Nicholas Latifi (Ferrolati Corse/CRG) benefitted from his pole-position to take the early lead, bringing Christophe Boisclair (SRA Karting/Birel) with him. However, it didn’t take long for Ben Cooper (SRA Karting/Birel) to make his presence at the front, as he took over the top spot on lap two. However, only a lap later, Cooper was forced into retirement with a transmission issue. This allowed Christophe Boisclair to resume the lead, trading it with Latifi.

With Boisclair out front, Zacharie Robichon (SRA Karting/Birel) took his shot at second placed Latifi, and the ensuing battle allowed Boisclair to pull a nice gap.

Boisclair cruised to victory from there, while Latifi eventually pulled away from Robichon and the remainder of the pack to take second. Pier-Luc Ouellette (PSL Karting/CRG) rebounded to post the fastest lap of the race and take third place, with Robichon fourth and Enrico Menotti (Intrepid) completing the top-five.

1. Christophe Boisclair Birel
2. Nicholas Latifi CRG +1.857
3. Pier-Luc Outleltt CRG +2.168
4. Zacharie richard-robichon Birel +2.885
5. Enrico Menotti Intrepid +3.679
6. Cory Cacciavillani CRG +4.889
7. Fred Woodley Maranello +5.253
8. Brendon Bain Maranello +6.127
9. Eric Gerrits Tonykart +6.406
10. Alessandro Bizzotto CRG +7.398
11. Tyler McEwan CRG +9.702
12. Daniel Burkett LH Kart +12.101
13. Richard Hibbs Birel +12.677
14. Dante Lerra KNK +13.006
15. Corey Walsh CRG +15.034
16. Zach Boam GP +15.348
17. Stefan Yasin Birel +22.854
18. Aaron Attard CRG +23.090
19. Adam Brett CRG +29.985
20. Blake Reith CRG + 10 Laps
21. Ben Cooper Birel + 13 Laps
22. Kyle Attard CRG + 14 Laps

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