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Drivers Tell Us Their Favourite Part of Mosport Karting


Drivers Tell Us Their Favourite Part of Mosport Karting

As the host of the 2017 ASN Canadian National Karting Championships, Mosport Karting will be a very busy place this summer. Not only because it is part of a reblooming Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, but also because the MIKA Kart Club has grown very nicely since the upgrades the facility received in 2015 and management changed hands.

In anticipation of the upcoming season, and we know racers are itching to get back on track, we asked a handful of drivers what their favourite part of Mosport Karting is and why.

Here are their responses, starting off with Marco Di Leo who claimed the Rotax Senior Canadian National Title back in 2015.

There is nothing like the feeling of driving a hooked up go kart. Mosport is a mix of fast and slow corners, some off camber, some where you can use curbs and others not. When your Intrepid race kart is set up just right the feeling going through turn 4 at maximum speed is incredible. Getting to full power before apex and unwinding the wheel down the hill right to the exit curbing is thrilling,  then the sound of the rev limiter before the hair pin reasures you of your good minimum speeds. True love.
Marco Di Leo
#319, Rotax Senior
2015 & 2016 Canadian National Champion

“Mosport Karting has quickly become a top track in Canada, which makes choosing a favourite part of the track a difficult task. The track has great elevation changes and corner combinations. As a driver, I would have to say that my favourite rite part of the track would be the last 3 corners of the counter clockwise direction. As anyone who has ever raced there can attest to, races can be won or lost coming out of that section on the last lap and makes for exciting racing for the drivers and fans alike.
Jon Treadwell
#766, Briggs Senior
2015 Canadian Nationals Briggs Senior Champion

Mosport Kartways provides many challenges as well as unbeatable excitement. The esses provide both for me. They are difficult to learn but once you do they are a great place for passing. For me braking is key and when you get it just right and pass another driver going into the esses or coming out the feeling is indescribable. I love a lot of things about Mosport Kartways but for me the esses come out on top.
Lily Flintoff
#22, Lily Flintoff

I’d say that my favorite part of Mosport is the elevation changes. Back before the re pave, the elevation change through the lower bowl was really fun to drive. I am still glad after the re pave they kept all of the other elevation changes it teally makes the track unique and fun to drive.
Josh Conquer
#754, Briggs Senior

My favourite part of Mosport has to be the elevation changes! I love the speed of the track. Entering the first two corners after the drop of the flag entering usually a flat out turn one to climb up the first hill, this is especially entertaining during reverse track days. Then the Upper bowl off camber and down the hill. The new technical addition to the track and reconfigured lower bowl. Hard to get right but much better on the back! The fact there is so much speed and elevation changes makes me feel like I’m on a Special Grand Prix track like SPA, well in my own mind anyway.
Robert Holowczenko
#869, Briggs Masters

Mosport has always been one of the most exciting tracks to race at, no matter what the racing always seems to be close and come down to the last few laps. There is a good balance of technical corners followed by long straights to bring the karts back together in a draft, especially Briggs. The track is also fairly wide which gives drivers a lot of flexibility with their race-craft. I’ve always been of fan of the elevation changes and it makes lapping a lot more enjoyable. I also get really excited when the ice cream truck comes at the end of the day.
Marco Signoretti
#497, Rotax Senior

The best part of Mosport Kartways is definitely flying down the back straight flat out coming into the final section where you can either make or break your lap. If you can come into there carrying enough speed and hit the curbing just right you can easily grab that last tenth or so that you need to put it on pole. However, if you do it wrong you can blow 2-3 tenths and end up tenth. To me that part of the track is what makes Mosport so exciting and the part that will make or break you.
Taylor Gates
#722, Briggs Senior

The view in race control is high enough up that you can see the entire track from almost a broadcast view. With telemetry in front of you, and the birds eye view, you can see a driver starting his charge from way back and watch the battle develop. Lap after lap you can see if he or she took a tenth or two out of a lead, or if the leading driver has responded with a fast lap of their own, when the battles rage you can see the drivers emotions in the way the kart moves on the track, you can see which corner he is starting to line up for his pass and watching lap after lap to see if they are close enough to make the attempt. Sometimes after great passes or failed attempts you can hear the race directors talk about the move and their excitement about what they are watching shows their passion for the sport in a way most drivers don’t get to see. To most drivers race control is like the principals office and its a place where you get in trouble but to me it is like the fly on the wall that gets to see everything.

On track it is the formation line. This point is where the highest anticipation happens, everyone is driving in synchronization hoping for a good start, as a parade of more than twenty karts all chomping at the bit waiting to be unleashed. All the drivers fist bump as a good gesture of the commradry we share. Any strategy and planning you discussed with other drivers is in the forefront of your mind as you get closer and closer to the race starting, but once the green flag drops all it all changes and you are only in the moment and any plans may change within the first few corners.
Jeff Conte
#813, Briggs Masters
Chief of Timing

Mosport has always been an amazing high speed track. With a wide variety of elevated blind corners you definitely have to know where to set up the kart well before a corner for example the “Bowl’s”. But I’d definitely have to say my favorite part of Mosport is coming down those hills at 113kph to a full lock up gliding through the apex with 2-3 drivers doing the same thing inches away from you. Absolute Madness.
Jonathan Woolridge
#317, Rotax Senior

While some might say it’s Mosport’s greatest weakness, what I love most about driving on the track is it’s unpredictability, especially through the last chicane. Depending on the day, it requires a different plan of attack; sometimes smooth, and sometimes a lot more aggressive. Simultaneously, sometimes this part of the track requires some defense because it can make for some interesting passing opportunities. Or, if you’re the one trying to pass, it’s a matter of coming out of the bowl with enough speed to make it stick. Races can be won in these three corners, especially on the last lap. This intensity makes for a lot of memories to look back on. If you can’t do this section of the track well, it really has the ability to make or break your race. And that’s why it is my favourite part of the Mosport track.
Taegen Poles,
#307, Rotax Senior

As a driver I love Mosport Kartways, I remember Mosport was the first kart track I had raced besides my home track of Flamboro and I absolutely loved it. If I had to pick a favorite part of the track I think it would have to be turns 7,8, and 9 right before “The Bowl”. I chose this series of corners because of the unpredictability of a very hard pass into turn 7, I also enjoy the fact the coming into turn 7 is completely blind and has a large elevation change uphill this is because blind corner always adds another level of difficulty
Mackenzie Clark,
#226 Rotax Junior

For me it all begins in Turn One! It is the turn with the most action. Once you see the green flag the race is on. Your heart beats and you know you are ready. Ready to race! Turn one has a long downhill stretch leading into it. You never know what is going to happen on turn one but you do know that Everything can change on this turn. You can gain positions or you can end your day.
Joel Myers
#115 Briggs & Stratton

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