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Driver Blog: Samuel Potvin @ Cup Karts Canada Trois-Rivieres

Photos courtesy: Samuel Potvin


Driver Blog: Samuel Potvin @ Cup Karts Canada Trois-Rivieres

Hello CKN Nation I am very honoured to write my first driver blog about my experience at the very first Cup Karts Canada Division race in Trois-Rivieres.

I knew I would have an amazing exposure to new competition and challenges. When I first saw the advertisement for the event I knew I had to take part in it. Approaching the event the names in the Sr. Light class were intimidating, to say the least. National champions whom I never thought I’d race against had signed up for Sr.light and I had my doubts if I could compete against these big names.

The competition had me a bit concerned about taking part alongside these names around a circuit that I had very little experience around.

When I first arrived at the circuit on Friday morning I already saw a different vibe around the paddock. The sound of only Briggs & Stratton engines could be heard around the track. Everybody looked eager to go racing and the officials all had a smile on their faces.

After just walking around the paddock for a little bit I already felt eager to get on track. I had to get ready by walking the track and at first glance, it looked amazing, full of high-speed corners and long straights full of overtaking opportunities to give a great show.

My first session out on track was awesome. I had a smile under my helmet as the track suited me very well. I enjoy high-speed tracks. After my first session, I already knew this weekend was going to be special. The first day of practice went great for everyone. It felt very different from previous events that I have taken part in. The organizers had planned for a firework show to give back to the racers and left everyone with a great smile on their faces at the end of the day.

The first day of racing was very exciting. Everyone was so excited to go on track and put on a great show!

After our first practice session, we had our first challenge, HotLap qualifying which I haven’t done in the past and many of the guys on the grid had. I told myself that I am confident in the kart and that I would do my best. I did my hot lap qualifying and when I got off the circuit I realized I put it on the front row in second place which was quite the accomplishment.

The marshals and officials that were present during qualifying were very helpful and kind. The race would be a combination of two heats that would be 7 laps each and one Final of 10 laps. It was my first experience with such a race schedule but I got myself excited to take on the challenge.

All of the racing went well at the end of day one. My results were fantastic, as I was able to finish third in the Final and I was so proud of myself and my father’s accomplishments. All around everyone still had a smile on their face after the event. The podium celebrations were nice and the trophies were handed to the drivers that deserve it the most in each class.

The second day was similar to the first race day. The schedule was the same and the vibe was similar, with maybe more excitement for some racers that had missed their chances to reach the podium the day before. The heat had everyone on their toes but the organizer did an amazing job to keep everyone cool and give some breaks around to keep the marshals and officials safe out there.

The competition was fierce and every competition the day was held without a setback and everything went extraordinary. After the final race, everyone had a smile on their face despite the heat, the officials at the event told the drivers to hurry on and grab some water and some shade which was very kind. The atmosphere after the event felt very different in a good way.

The podium ceremony went on ahead and the organizers thanked the drivers and the marshalls for making a day like this possible. They have been trying to do this event for the better part of ten years and I believe they have succeeded in making it a great event.

I would like to finish off by thanking the members of the Cup Karts Canada Division and all the officials that came out for making this weekend possible. You guys did an amazing job and held an amazing race weekend for all Briggs & Stratton fans in Canada.

Thank you. 

Samuel Potvin, #769

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