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Drift Night Returns to K1 Speed Toronto on July 29

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Drift Night Returns to K1 Speed Toronto on July 29

On Monday, July 29, Drift Night returns to K1 Speed! The super-popular event is coming back for more sideways action at Toronto’s premier indoor karting track.

Racing is all about precision. Getting your kart to an exact point on the track, applying throttle and brake at the right times, wrestling your machine around as fast as possible. Trying to extract fractions of a second, all while twenty-plus other racers are trying to attack you. It requires a specific skill set, smoothness, accuracy and aggression. Drifting is very different.

K1 Speed’s drift karts are set up to be incredibly loose. Slippery tires mean that the rear end pendulums around the front end through corners. Apply too much throttle and the rear tires spin up, robbing you of acceleration. Around the tight and twisty indoor circuit at K1 Speed Toronto, this is incredibly challenging and requires a real understanding of how to control your kart.

K1 Speed has hosted two drift nights so far, with the inaugural event being held on the original track configuration. Racers came out in big numbers to try out the drift karts at both events. Even some of the most experienced drivers were challenged by the unique event, spinning through fast corners and struggling for grip. However, as racers got some more laps down, everyone was able to zip around the circuit, completely sideways through the corners, in a state of total controlled chaos.

Unlike usual racing, drifting at K1 Speed isn’t about lap time. It’s all about using your skills to get around the track looking as cool as possible while trying to keep the kart under control. You have to stay on top of the kart to keep it from spinning, but you also have to push into the corners for cool drifts. It’s an exhilarating type of activity that you rarely get to do in racing karts.

If you love driving, and you want a unique challenge, then K1 Speed Drift Night is the event for you. Come to K1 Speed, Ontario’s premier indoor karting track, for Drift Night for pure adrenaline, zero-emissions excitement.

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