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Double-Victory at Home for Jordan Prior in Briggs Senior!


Double-Victory at Home for Jordan Prior in Briggs Senior!

It was a superb weekend of racing for Jordan Prior at the opening round of the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship as the Briggs Senior driver recorded a double-victory to open up an early championship lead.

Saturday’s conditions started out very wet and soggy at the Canadian Mini Indy with Adam Ali (Kosmic) earning the first pole position of the MRFKC season in the tough conditions.

Running last in the schedule, the PreFinal took place after the lunch break, with the rain stopping. A quick-drying track from the session before the Briggs Seniors rolled on track saw nearly every driver quickly switch to slick tires for the PreFinal.

From fifth on the grid, Prior (BirelART) hooked up with his Prime teammate Jon Treadwell (BirelART) to get to the front early and scored the win to earn the pole position for the Final.

With a great launch, Treadwell vaulted to the early lead, with Prior, Ali, David Barnes (BirelART) and Logan Ploder (CL Kart) in tow.

The exciting race featured a number of lead changes throughout as all five drivers wanted to be on top before the final lap. Ploder made his move to the lead on Prior with two laps to go, but unlike last weekend, Prior pushed hard to ensure he didn’t give up the lead, holding the outside line of the tricky turn five to stay on top.

Benefiting on the Final lap from a challenge for second, Prior was able to get away just enough on the final lap to not need to defend the final corners and rolled to the checkered flag to score victory in Race One. Barnes and Ploder joined him on the podium while Ali and Treadwell filled out the top-five. A pushback bumper penalty for Ali knocked him back to ninth in the final results and moved Maddock Heacock (Awesome Kart) into the top-five.

MRFKC1 Briggs Senior Saturday Final Results

1Jordan Prior
2David Barnes0.372
3Logan Ploder0.860
4Jon Treadwell1.225
5Maddox Heacock1.786
6Steven Navratil2.041
7Avery Miller5.856
8Jeremy Vaillancourt5.945
9Adam Ali5.991
10Ari Korkodilos6.051
11Lily Flintoff7.034
12Mackenzie Milwain8.209
13Alex Murphy8.373
14Anthony Quezada10.746
15Tom Fredericks15.851
16Brennan Taylor26.119
17Simon Legault32.026
18Kolby Short34.331
19Jackson Maytum34.409
20Kaitlyn Freier34.922
21Riley Paladichuk36.935
22Matthew White37.177
23Patrick Lelievre47.856
24Logan Ferguson5 Laps
25Tyler Freier14 Laps
26Zain Ikram15 Laps

Much nicer conditions on Sunday greeted the drivers at CMI with the sun shining and warm temperatures.

Ploder just narrowly edged out Barnes for the pole-position in Qualifying by a mere 0.009 seconds.

Once again, Prior moved up early in the PreFinal this time worked with his other Prime teammate Barnes to score a 1-2 finish and a front-row lockout.

The two hooked up early in the Final as well and broke free from Ali and Ploder. The lead changed a couple of times between the two until disaster struck for Barnes.

A loose engine mount created a tension-free chain that forced him to slow up and eventually retire, leaving Prior without a drafting partner. Quickly Ploder and Ali chased down the race leader and it was on.

Prior was attacked in corner four on the final lap and while he managed to keep the lead, a slow exit allowed both Ali and Ploder and slip by. Side-by-side for the lead around corner five and into six, the pair made contact to slow them up enough that Prior drove around the outside of both to regain the lead. Holding them off through the tight turn seven, Prior was in control and took his second race win of the weekend in fine fashion.

Ploder scored his second podium appearance of the weekend with the second-place finish, while Ali wound up third.

In the throwdown for fourth, Avery Miller (CL Kart) edged out Mackenzie Milwain (Kosmic Kart) and Maddox Heacock (Awesome Kart) for the position.

MRFKC1 Briggs Senior Sunday Final Results

1Jordan Prior
2Logan Ploder0.136
3Adam Ali0.314
4Avery Miller5.901
5Mackenzie Milwain5.987
6Maddox Heacock6.096
7Jon Treadwell8.450
8Alex Murphy8.522
9Steven Navratil9.703
10Ari Korkodilos9.888
11March Stehle11.596
12Anthony Quezada16.421
13Tom Fredericks17.283
14Brennan Taylor18.959
15Logan Ferguson26.822
16Kolby Short26.929
17Matthew White27.291
18Riley Paladichuk31.306
19Tyler Freier31.399
20Jackson Maytum35.213
21Patrick Lalievre1 Lap
22David Barnes5 Laps
23Lily Flintoff5 Laps
24Kaitlyn Freier9 Laps
25Zain Ikram9 Laps
26Simon Legault19 Laps

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