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Double Mini Rok Victory for Burnett at Mosport!


Double Mini Rok Victory for Burnett at Mosport!

Jensen Burnett left his mark on the Mini Rok division this past weekend, scoring two dominant victories in the second round of the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship at the Mosport Karting Centre.

Saturday featured a great battle for the lead in the PreFinal between Burnett (Energy Corse/Energy Kart), Savio Paniccia (PRO/CL Kart) and Pearce Wade (Prime/BirelART), but fast-changing weather had an effect on the grid for the Final, unfortunately leading to four drivers being unable to start with carburation issues.

With the green flag flying, Burnett jumped out to an early lead while Matthew Roach (Prime/BirelART) lept into second place ahead of Paniccia and Wade.

Paniccia recovered second place on the second lap, but Burnett’s pace up front was just too much and lap after lap, the gap grew larger.

Slipping back to fourth at the hands of his teammate Wade, Roach was doing all he could to stay up front but ultimately had to retire on lap nine with an issue.

Scoring the win by 4.765 seconds, Burnett was also awarded the Champion Fine-Tuned Award for his efforts, while Paniccia and Wade joined him on the podium.

Jackson Pearsall (Shake n Bake/CL Kart) and Aiden McMillan (KGR/Kosmic) completed the top-five.

MRFKC2 Mini Rok Saturday Final Results

1Jensen Burnett
2Savio Paniccia4.765
3Pearce Wade5.529
4Jackson Pearsall16.221
5Aiden McMillan24.702
6Nicholas Lorusso46.755
7Hudson Urlin46.924
8Matthew Roach6 laps
9Decklan DeonarineDNS
10Mayer DeonarineDNS
11Edward KennedyDNS
12Alexis BaillargeonDNS

Sunday’s race was much more exciting upfront as Paniccia, Pearsall and Alexis Baillargeon (TRT/Parolin) put the pressure on Burnett.

Four lead changes in the opening four laps were exciting, but the race settled down around the halfway mark with Burnett back out front.

Baillargeon was nicely into second place, while Pearsall and Paniccia were duking it out for third, along with Rocco Simone (New Speed Motorsports/Exprit), who arrived just for the Sunday race.

At the finish line, Burnett completed the weekend sweep just over a second ahead of Baillargeon, while Paniccia scored third narrowly ahead of Pearsall and Simone.

After his great drive, an unfortunate start lane penalty for Baillargeon added 3-seconds to his time and knocked him off the podium and back to fifth and moved Paniccia to second and Pearsall to third.

MRFKC2 Mini Rok Sunday Final Results

1Jensen Burnett
2Savio Paniccia2.058
3Jackson Pearsall2.475
4Rocco Simone2.583
5Alexis Baillargeon4.030
6Pearce Wade9.850
7Hudson Urlin31.486
8Nicholas Lorusso39.049
9Zeff Guglielmi43.467
10Aiden McMillan1 lap
11Matthew Roach10 laps
12Massimo Lorusso15 laps
13Edward KennedyDNS

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