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Dominating Mini-Max Season for Justin Arseneau Capped Off with Canadian Title

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

Dominating Mini-Max Season for Justin Arseneau Capped Off with Canadian Title

Quebec’s Justin Arseneau has dominated the Rotax Mini-Max division this year in Canada and on Sunday he capped off the season by taking home the Canadian National Karting Championship title. Like usual, it wasn’t easy for Arseneau, but with the victory, Arseneau has also been confirmed as a member of Team Canada to compete in the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Portugal later this year.

The Final saw Arseneau challenged immediately by his PSL Karting teammate Andrew Maciel. Maciel went to the lead in the hairpin on lap one but Arseneau powered back by on the following lap to regain the lead.

From there, Maciel could only stay with the leader for a few laps before Arseneau began to pull away. His fast laps continued and the gap built up until the checkered flag flew, crowning Arseneau the Canadian Champion by 4.867 seconds.

After falling back from Arseneau, Maciel cruised in second for the remainder of the race while the real battling was for third.

Marcello Paniccia held the third spot early on while being chased by Ryland Duesburry, Anthony Sardelitti, Adam Moor, and Anthony Boscia. On lap ten, Moor and Duesburry came together in the final chicane, ending Moor’s race and allowing Paniccia to gain an advantage.

It appeared Paniccia had the final podium spot sealed until a late race charge saw Sardelitti close in. Getting ready to make a pass, Sardelitti didn’t need to as Paniccia caught the curb in corner seven and blew a chain with two laps to go, ending his race. This confirmed Sardelitti would finish third.

Arseneau will be the lone Canadian driver in Mini-Max at the Rotax Grand Finals, while Paniccia will represent Team Canada in Rotax Micro-Max. As the two classes were combined this year, Paniccia was the highest ranked driver of age to compete in Micro-Max.

Marcello Paniccia

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