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Di Leo Controls Every Lap of Briggs Cadet Kart Stars Nationals Final


Di Leo Controls Every Lap of Briggs Cadet Kart Stars Nationals Final

Jordan Di Leo (Intrepid) was dominant in Briggs Cadet on Saturday at the Kart Stars Canada Nationals. The young pilot led every lap of the Final and pulled away to a 4.506 victory to take the crown.

There was great racing all over the Goodwood track as 23 karts started the Final.

Behind Di Leo, a spirited battle for second saw Christian Papp (Intrepid) sneak by Jensen Burnett (Energy Kart) on the final lap to seal a step on the podium.

Initially, there was a three kart race for third, but Stefano Picerno (Energy Kart) had to withdraw with two laps to go, stuck in the grass of corner four. This left a Burnett just ahead of a hard-charging Papp, who set the fastest lap of the race on his final tour of the Goodwood circuit.

Keaton Pipe (Intrepid) and Ethan Chan (Intrepid) rounded out the top-five at the finish line.

With his second place effort, Papp also earned the top honour of the Mini Cadets, standing on the top of the podium alongside Rocco Simone (Intrepid) and Athan Smardenkas (Intrepid).

Race Results: Briggs Cadet Final

  1. Jordan Di Leo
  2. Christian Papp*
  3. Jensen Burnett
  4. Keaton Pipe
  5. Ethan Chan
  6. Rocco Simone*
  7. Elijah Joshi
  8. Athan Smardenkas*
  9. Ilie Tristan Crisan
  10. Declan Black
  11. David Zhao
  12. Joey Lecce
  13. Niko Picerno*
  14. Quinn Tyers
  15. Antonio Gallo
  16. Leo Da Silva*
  17. Theodore Tsatsanis*
  18. Aiden McMillan
  19. Ethan Tyers
  20. Daniele Gallo
  21. Zeff Guglielmi*
  22. Stefano Picerno
  23. Domenico Crupi*

*Mini Briggs driver

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