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DeAngelis and Anderson Win Heat 3 in Briggs & Stratton Junior and Masters

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DeAngelis and Anderson Win Heat 3 in Briggs & Stratton Junior and Masters

Saturday concluded the heat racing portion of the 2014 ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships as all classes returned to the track for their third and final heat race, with points tallied to set the grids for Sunday’s National Championship Finals.

It was a relaxed day at the Jim Russell Karting Academy in Mont-Tremblant held under sunny skies as the anticipation built for Sunday.

The day was completed by the Team Cup rental kart race where each team nominated two “non-drivers” to compete in a 10-lap dash. With the crowd on their feet, Team KMS came away with the victory over Team Energy Kart Canada and Team PSL Karting. It was a great way to cap off the day.

Briggs & Stratton Junior

Heat 3
Roman DeAngelis (Birel) made it three for three in Junior Briggs but not without a challenge. After getting the initial lead, Tyler McCullough (Intrepid) overtook DeAngelias with Austin Bisschop (REM/Birel) following through and then making his own move for the lead. Bisschop’s lead would be short lived though as he would be freight-trained by McCullough, DeAngelis and Joshua Conquer (DMR/TonyKart).

McCullough led from there until the last lap board came out and when DeAngelis dove to the inside in corner one. Conquer tried to follow through but he hit the curb and made contact with McCullough, taking the Intrepid driver out of the race. Alex Murphy (CRG) capitalized to finish third in the heat ahead of Jeff Fulham (K & K Kart), Conquer and William Gosselin (FA Kart). Conquer received a penalty for the contact with McCullough putting him in 11th.

| Heat Race Results |

Unofficial Final Starting Grid:

1. Roman DeAngelis 2. Austin Bisschop
3. William Gosselin 4. Jeff Fulham
5. Joshua Conquer 6. Alexander Murphy
7. Nicholas Hornbostel 8. Xavier Dorsnie
9. Tyler McCullough 10. Gavin Sanders
11. Zachary Vanier 12. Kelsey Hann
13. Andre Fiorini 14. Justin Beers
15. Braxton Terry 16. Graci Young
17. Dylan Brady 18. Fraser Murray
19. Ben Mundle 20. Stephen Oliver
21. Victoria Stutsky 22. Paul Hoffman
23. Lucas Janson 24. Samuel Gerlof
25. Carson Whitford 26. Brady Dow

Briggs & Stratton Masters


Heat 3
Dave Anderson (Intrepid) scored his second heat win in Briggs & Stratton Masters as he was able to go from flag to flag over Steve MacVoy (K&K Kart). The two formed a three kart breakaway with Guy Savard (SH Racing/FA Kart) at the start and broke away early.

While the three might have been clear at the front for a good portion of race but they were caught by the second group of four with three laps two go.

On the final lap Blake Choquer (BBR/Birel) led the second group past Savard in the hairpin bringing Corey Walsh (CRG) with him.

At the finish it was Anderson with the win ahead of Macvoy, Choquer, Walsh and Savard. However MacVoy was disqualified for a missing exhaust silencer.

Unofficial Final Starting Grid:

1. David Anderson 2. David Patrick
3. Blake Choquer 4. Guy Savard
5. Corey Walsh 6. Mario Martin
7. Eric Beltrami 8. Gerard Daniel
9. Kyle Aulenback 10. Steven Macvoy
11. Keith Barrick 12. Sylvain Coursol
13. Mathieu Boudreau 14. Michel Forget
15. Scott Jeffries 16. James Dunn
17. Ronald Henrie 18. Steve Attard
19. Erik Gerlof 20. Darren Mallettte
21. Jim Williamson 22. David Goddard
23. Martin Coursol 24. Philip Schumacher
25. Shane Findlay 26. Crawford Kilpatrick
27. Jean Beltrami 28. Wayne Shimoon

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