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David Patrick Wins a Wild and Emotional National Title Briggs & Stratton Masters

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David Patrick Wins a Wild and Emotional National Title Briggs & Stratton Masters

After some trouble getting started, pole sitter David Anderson (Intrepid) was relegated to row two of the third attempt at a start. This moved Blake Choquer (BBR/Birel) to the pole-position and he vaulted into corner one with the early lead ahead of Anderson and Corey Walsh (CRG). Dave Patrick (DMR/FA Kart), who was started off pole, was able slot into the fourth position behind the behind the three leaders.

Anderson made his move by Choquer for the lead on lap three, as Choquer managed to slot back into second place ahead of Walsh.

This race was filled with battles all race long as six karts made up the lead pack and had a chance to win.

Anderson was passed by Choquer with five laps to go setting up an exciting final dash for the win.

On the final lap, Patrick passed Walsh for second in the turn four hairpin setting up himself for a shot at the lead from Choquer. As Choquer defended entering corner ten, Patrick took the lead with a sneaky dive into corner twelve as Walsh tried to follow him through.

At the line, Patrick earned his very first Canadian National Championship ahead of Walsh, Choquer, Steve MacVoy (K&K Kart), and Anderson.

After the race a very emotional Patrick dedicated the win to his late father, after the two came so close before but were never able to win at the ASN Canadian Championships.

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David Patrick was a fan favourite winner in Briggs Masters (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

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