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Dale Curran Comes out on top in Rotax Micro Max

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Dale Curran Comes out on top in Rotax Micro Max

Hitting up the track before the lunch break, the youngest drivers vying for a Canadian Title rolled out onto the circuit.

Ben Cooper Racing teammates Justin Arseneau (BirelART) and Dale Curran (BirelART) were the class of the field in the Rotax Micro Max all week long and the National Final was no different as the two pulled away from the rest of the field almost immediately. Arseneau lead from the start followed with Curran in tow, waiting patiently to make his attack.

At the halfway mark Curran decided it was his time to lead and made a relatively easy pass by his teammate to take control.

With only two laps remaining the lead changed again with Arseneau returning to the point, but it wouldn’t last long as Curran used every inch possible on the inside of corner five to retake the lead on the final lap. Utilizing the defensive line and not making any mistakes all the way to finish line, Curran erupted with excitement at finish line.

The battle for third was fierce between eight karts. Matthew Marrocco (Intrepid) held the position for majority of the race ahead of Georgie Zouein (BirelART), Anthony Sardellitti (Intrepid), Ryland Duesburry (Energy Kart), William Michaud (BirelART), Marcell Paniccia (Intrepid), Jason Leung (BirelART) and Austin Boyle (Intrepid). Going into the turn five hairpin Zouein dove down the inside of Marrocco for third, overshooting his entry. Both drivers made contact losing momentum and allowing Duesburry to slide up the inside towards corner six and into third as all eight drivers scrambled going up the hill.

At the Checkered flag Duesburry finished third ahead of Leung, Zouein, and Marrocco, Boyle worked his way from the tail end of the group to cross the line in seventh ahead of Sardellitti, Michaud, and Paniccia.

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Micro-Max podium from left to right: Justin Arseneau (3rd), Dale Curran (1st) and Ryland Duesburry (3rd) – Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN

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