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Cup Karts Canada Announce Major Partnership


Cup Karts Canada Announce Major Partnership

SportCup and Britain West join Cup Karts Canada to provide a first step to car racing for up- and-coming karters

Cup Karts Canada is proud to announce a new sponsorship partner to help provide Cup Karts Canada competitors with an initial first step into car racing. The new partnership is between Cup Karts Canada, SportCup Inc and Britain West Motorsport.

“We are very happy to announce this partnership”, Cup Karts Canada owner Gerald Caseley said. “Both SportCup and Britain West offer fantastic junior programs designed to help karters moving up to cars get the most out of their initial steps into car racing. Britain West has multiple championships with previous karters in the open wheel ranks. Their FF1600 program is the place to start in open wheel. SportCup is a championship team that has a great GT car program that gets drivers maximum seat time and development in GT cars. For any of our karters looking to make the jump up to car racing, these are the teams to talk to.

SportCup’s Russ Bond is happy to once again work with up-and-coming karters. “We have had fantastic success with several karters that joined our GT LDRC team in 2022. Callum Baxter is a good example of a karter that is making a good name for himself in car racing now. He is also with Britain West and we all work together to get Callum, and our other karters this year, like Calum Dunbar all the tools they need to succeed in motorsports. What we offer is a great first step into the car racing world. We encourage karters and their families to come talk to us, see what the various options are, and understand what we can do together.”

David Clubine of Britain West is excited about how this program can develop. “We normally get a few karters every year come see what FF1600 has to offer. Now with the partnership with SportCup and Cup karts Canada, we have a variety of programs we can offer to get karters a good first step in their car career.”

Both SportCup and Britain West will have representatives at the Cup Karts Canada rounds in Trois Rivieres, Lombardy and Goodwood. “It’s great to have these teams come talk to our karters at our events, “ Caseley added. “Whether you are thinking open wheel or closed wheel, these are the guys to talk to, like they say, make your first step into car racing count….let these guys help.”

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