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CRFKC Mosport Briggs Report : Ikram and Ali Join the Winners Circle; Treadwell Continues to Reign


CRFKC Mosport Briggs Report : Ikram and Ali Join the Winners Circle; Treadwell Continues to Reign

Canadian racers celebrated Canada’s birthday on Sunday in the best way possible, hitting the kart track at Mosport Kartways for another round of the Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge. A heat wave throughout Ontario meant for an incredibly hot day of action, where water and electrolytes were vital to keep drivers on track all day long.

The Briggs & Stratton classes in the CRFKC continue to draw excellent entries, with Senior rolling 41 karts off the grid Sunday, while Junior had 33 of their own. In total, there were 181 entrants were on track on Sunday as the summer season at Mosport got underway.

Here is our Briggs & Stratton Report.

Briggs Junior

The Briggs Junior Final took three attempts to complete as multiple incidents forced officials to red flag the race not once, but twice. The red flags did provide plenty of opportunities where positions changed constantly and a look at the lap chart on SpeedHive after the race appears like a splatter painting.

Zain Ikram started the race on the front row, but all of the melee in the first few laps saw him fall outside the top-ten before he was able to get back into a groove and drive back towards the front. As Ikram was charging, Avery Miller drove from eleventh on the grid to the lead on lap eight, overtaking leaders Logan Ploder and Keidon Fletcher in the process.

With three laps to go, it all came down to Miller and Ikram.

Miller’s time at the top ended with just over a lap to go as Ikram made his pass for the lead. He was unable to counter the pass and had to settle for second as Ikram scored the biggest win of his young career. It also earned him the Pfaff Junior Driver of the Day award.

Third place went to Owyn Thomas, followed by Alec Drummond and Ryan Armstrong at the finish.

Zain Ikram

Briggs Junior Lite

There was a two-kart tandem breakaway in the Junior Lite Final as Lily Flintoff pushed Daniel Ali away from their competitors, leaving them to race for third.

By halfway, Flintoff took her turn at the front, but it lasted only one lap before Ali returned to the point. From there, Ali drove superb and pulled enough of a gap that Flintoff couldn’t make another run in the late stages.

It is Ali’s first win in Junior Lite as the youngster has progressed up the results all season long en route to the victory. Flintoff settled for second with a great day of driving that saw her stay within the top-three. Callum Baxter recovered from a slow start from the front row to take the final step of the podium in third.

Daniel Ali

Briggs Senior

There was a little confusion on the grid for the final of the Briggs Senior race. Co-championship leader Marco Signoretti, who was set to start from the front row, was missing. Competing in two classes on the day was taking a toll on Signoretti and the heat won the battle, forcing Signoretti to sit out the race and give up his championship pursuit in the sake of his own health.

Jon Treadwell led the field to green and led the first half of the race until Brennan Taylor, Pearce Herder, Alex Murphy, and Jordan Prior arrived on scene. Taylor grabbed the lead and pulled a few lengths when Treadwell and Herder went wheel-to-wheel up the hill to turn seven. This also allowed Prior to slip by Herder and into third, linking on the rear bumper of Treadwell and pushing him back up to the leader a lap later.

They quickly disposed of Taylor and were set to settle the race on their own. Prior looked for opportunities to get by Treadwell, but he couldn’t make any of them stick and another stellar drive by Treadwell earned him his fourth straight win in Senior Briggs. Prior and Spencer Todd joined him on the podium, while Herder was fourth followed by Murphy and then Taylor.

Jon Treadwell

Briggs Masters

Just as the race for the lead in Masters was getting really exciting, a red flag flew for a crash mid-pack to end the race early. The three of Marc Stehle, Stephen Goebel and Darren Kearnon each had their turn at the front and were trading the lead back and forth until the red flew, with Kearnon benefitting by leading the last completed lap to earn the win ahead of Goebel and Stehle.

The Masters had trouble keeping all four wheels on track on Sunday. A number of karts failed to finish both the PreFinal and the Final due to crashes, including a PreFinal red flag that ended the race of five karts before the group even got to turn three. Aside from the front five, it was mayhem on track for a group that is usually known for being a little more relaxed knowing they have to work on Monday.

Kearnon’s strategy and great driving also earned him the Pfaff Senior Driver of the Day.

Pfaff Driver of the Day winners Zain Ikram and Darren Kearnon

Briggs Cadet

Ayden Ingratta maintained his unbeaten streak in Briggs Cadet on Sunday, securing another victory. Posting a fast lap more than half a second quicker than his closest competitors, Ingratta was in a zone of his own en route to the victory.

Ashton Henckel had to start the Final from the rear after failing to complete the Prefinal. The young driver from the USA drove nicely through the field to finish second ahead of Jordan Di Leo, who jumped onto the podium after Carson Bartlett lose his neck brace with only a couple laps left and surrendered third place.

CRFKC racers will return to Mosport Kartways in four weeks time for round number four. The event will pair with the CRFKC Briggs & Stratton Summerfest, making it a doubleheader weekend with great prizes and the chance to race the Mosport circuit in the reverse direction in Sunday’s non-points shootout.

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