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Cowden Holds On to Win Briggs Senior Final at Kart Stars 3


Cowden Holds On to Win Briggs Senior Final at Kart Stars 3

Jake Cowden (Awesome Kart) held on to lead every lap of the Briggs Seniors Final at the Kart Stars Canada Nationals, held at Goodwood Kartways this weekend.

Jumping out to an early lead in the Final, Cowden pulled out to more than two seconds ahead of the pack as the battle for second raged early. But as the laps ticked down, his gap closed as Pearce Herder (Awesome Kart) and Logan Ploder (CL Kart) and three others worked together to close in on the leader.

With three laps to go, Herder had reached the rear bumper of the leader and the next time across the start/finish line he pulled to the inside to make a move for the lead. Cowden held the outside, kept Herder tight to the inside and managed to keep the lead with some impressive driving.

Holding on for the remainder of the next two laps, including a drag-race to the finish line, Cowden celebrated when he crossed the finish line first, scoring a major victory for the first-year Senior driver.

Herder had to settle for second, while Ploder was third, Brennan Taylor (Awesome Kart) was fourth and Chad Webster (Intrepid) was fifth, as the leaders were separated by only 0.365 seconds at the finish.

Race Results: Briggs Senior Final

  1. Jake Cowden
  2. Pearce Herder
  3. Logan Ploder
  4. Brennan Taylor
  5. Chad Webster
  6. Zach Boam
  7. Javier Ruiz
  8. Daniel Rampino
  9. Matthew White
  10. Cayden Goodridge
  11. Pedro Bourne

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