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Coupe du Quebec: Micro-Max Victory for Matthew Latifi

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Coupe du Quebec: Micro-Max Victory for Matthew Latifi

The 2013 Monaco de Trois-Rivieres, a very popular race in the city northeast of Montreal finally displayed some racing on Saturday for the fans on hand. Utilizing  a portion of the GP3R street circuit, the go-karts navigate through the 1km track with almost no room for error. To stand on the podium at Le Monaco means more than just being fast, but being able to minimize even the slightest of errors, but with the tricky weather added in from Mother Nature today it made things just a little more difficult.

Matthew Latifi (Ferrolati Corse/TonyKart) continues his roll in the Rotax Micro-Max class as he kicked things off scoring the pole-position in Qualifying. With a heavy downpour at the completion of qualifying, Micro-Max hit the track on rain tires for their Prefinal.

Latifi took the lead from start of the of the Prefinal ahead of Thomas Nepveu (SH Karting/Zanardi) and William Chayer (KMS North America/Birel). Chayer would take second away from Nepveu on lap three, but things mellowed out from there. With the leaders were running in line to the finish as Latifi would get the win ahead of Chayer, and Nepveu.

In the Final Latifi would drop down to third place behind Chayer and Nepveu who had both had great starts from the outside row. Chayer’s lead however would be short lived as Latifi would go back to the lead the next time by. After taking the lead from Chayer the two would gap the trio of Alexandre Legare (SH Karting/Zanardi), Nepveu, and Xavier Harris (IPK North America/Praga) as they would battle throughout the race. The three drivers would constantly pass each other making it great for both the fans to watch and as well as Chayer and Latifi who kept on pulling away.

At the line, Latifi scored the win with Chayer in tow. Lagare would hang on for third with Harris getting by Nepveu in the closing stages to take fourth.

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