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Coupe du Quebec: Lemaire-Ouellet holds on in Rotax Senior

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Coupe du Quebec: Lemaire-Ouellet holds on in Rotax Senior

Continuing their great season of racing at the Coupe du Quebec in Rotax Senior, Jesse Lazare (SHR/FA Kart), Tommy Lemaire-Ouellet (PSL/CRG) and Christophe Paquet (PSL/CRG) were at it again, this time joined by Didier Carre (SRA/Birel). The foursome put on a show and were pushing each other to their extremes.

Carre kicked things off when he posted the fastest time in Qualifying. Lemaire took control of the prefinal and held off Carre to earn the pole-position for the Final as Lazare and Paquet filled row two.

However only two laps into the Final Paquet was off the pace and ultimately out of the race with an issue. Lemaire was the early leader but was feeling the pressure from Carre, while Lazare was doing all he could to keep up, losing on the straights but making up for it in the infield.

Halfway through Lazare advanced into second but he waited until the final lap to make a move for the lead. However he couldn’t pull the trigger and in turn he slowed up enough to allow Carre to get through on the back straight as Lemaire held on for a flag-to-flag victory in his second race of the day.

Maxime Bussiere (CRG) held off a late charge from Luis Costa (PSL/CRG) to finish fourth.

Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN

This weekends coverage on CKN was presented by KMS North America and the Jim Russell Karting Academy in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. Lead by three-time Rotax Grand Finals Champion Ben Cooper, the Jim Russell Karting Academy helps prepare drivers of all ages and experience levels for every aspect of kart racing. Whether you want to improve for your next club race or challenge for a National title, the Jim Russell Karting Academy can help you. For more information about the racing school or to sign up, be sure to email or visit

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