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Coupe du Quebec: Lacroix Adds Another Victory in Rotax Junior

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Coupe du Quebec: Lacroix Adds Another Victory in Rotax Junior

The 2013 Monaco de Trois-Rivieres, a very popular race in the city northeast of Montreal finally displayed some racing on Saturday for the fans on hand. Utilizing  a portion of the GP3R street circuit, the go-karts navigate through the 1km track with almost no room for error. To stand on the podium at Le Monaco means more than just being fast, but being able to minimize even the slightest of errors, but with the tricky weather added in from Mother Nature today it made things just a little more difficult.

Coming off victories in his last two races, Alexandre Lacroix (SH Karting/Zanardi) is utilizing the momentum he has earned to it’s full extent. Qualifying on the pole-position for Saturdays Coupe de Quebec race at Le Monaco, he looked to continue his hot streak.

An interesting start saw all but the front two drivers get caught up in corner two and three, allowing Lacroix and Jeff Kingsley (Pserra Racing/TonyKart) to get away and everyone else left scrambling. Felix Leclerc would find himself in third through everything while the rest would sort themselves out. Notably involved in the incident were the likes of Natael Cantin (KMS/Birel), Gianfranco Mazzaferro (Ferrolati Corse/TonyKart) and Tyler Ripani (Karts & Parts/LH Kart). Marco Signoretti (IPK/OK1) and Alexandre Couturier (SH Karting/Zanardi) enjoyed a great race for fourth, with Couturier holding the spot at the line.

Another wild start for the Junior Rotax competitors saw Leclerc crash hard into the turn two barriers while Lacroix took the lead with Kingsley in check. With the front two once again getting away, Couturier held the third spot with Anthony Tolfa (Summit GP/TonyKart) on his bumper. But a hard charging Mazzaferro would overtake both of them by lap five and move into the third and final podium position.

Kingsley would move into the lead just before halfway and look to pull a slight gap to Lacroix, but with the laps winding down the Zanardi pilot reeled the leader back in. Making his move with three to go, Lacroix retook the lead and this time it was for good and he would go on to take his third victory in as many races. Kingsley would cross in second with Mazzaferro holding on for third.

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