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Coupe du Quebec Kicks off at SRA Karting This Weekend

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Coupe du Quebec Kicks off at SRA Karting This Weekend

Karting season in Eastern Canada is about to get really busy. With the turn of the calendar to the month of May, the kickoff of many major championships begins, including this weekends Coupe du Quebec.

The first event of the year once again falls on Mothers Day weekend, but that won’t stop a large selection of racers from hitting the track at SRA Karting, near Terrebonne, Quebec. SRA Karting replaces SH Karting as the host for the opening round and always provides some excellent racing. The circuit, which has hosted international events in the past, is one of Canada’s most technical layouts. Long straights mixed with fast and flowing sections creates many opportunities to pass and/or make mistakes, meaning drivers must stay up on the wheel and hit their marks. There is also the risk of rain this weekend, although we are praying it stays away.

There series doesn’t see much change from 2014, with one exception: the return of shifter kart racing as a ROK Shifter category has been introduced. The province of Quebec has developed some of the best shifter-kart talents over the past two decades and the return of a true six-speed category has received a warm welcome. It may take a year or so to really grow, but we know many drivers will have their eyes on joining the class in the very near future.

The full lineup of Rotax Max categories returns with the new Rotax EVO packages getting their first major test this weekend, along with the crowd popular Briggs & Stratton LO206 classes which offers both Junior and Senior options.

A rearranged schedule for the Coupe du Quebec Championship will see the series follow up the SRA round with a double-header at ICAR as part of the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship. Karting Thetford-Mines returns to the Quebec Championship schedule for the third round at the end of June before a lengthy summer break.

The second half kicks off at the new SC Performance facility in Saint-Celestin on September 7 before once again joining up with the ECKC at Mont-Tremblant a few weeks later for another double-header. Closing out the year and the crowning of champions will happen in the first week of October at SH Racing new Mont Saint-Hiliare.

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