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Quebec Cup: Joe St. Pierre Prevails in Open Honda

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Quebec Cup: Joe St. Pierre Prevails in Open Honda

Making more noise than junior dragster, the Honda Open class surely got the attention of everyone in the paddock as well as the better portion of the city of Trois Rivieres. 25 die-hard karting drivers, hit the track today for a once-a-year event that shows off some of the most unique and experimented four-cycle projects around. The sound was deafening, with every engine having their own custom exhaust setup, from rounded french horns, to old ICA pipes, and more.

In the Final, Joe St. Pierre was able to take advantage of a good start to win over Sylain Clair. Due to difficulties at the start Clair lost positions and was held up in traffic which gave him the early disadvantage at the start of the race. In the closing laps, Clair tracked down the leader, only to  finish 86 thousandths of a second behind St. Pierre. Michel Turcotte finished third followed by Samuel St. Onge and Jean-Francois Boyte.

1. Joe St. Pierre 15:27.815
2. Sylvain Clair +0.086
3. Michel Turcotte +3.187
4. Samuel St. Onge +4.432
5. Jean Francois Boyte +5.051
6. Dany St-Hilaire +6.809
7. Yves Bellerive +7.042
8. Gabriel Lacombe +11.641
9. Nicholas Boyte +15.954
10. Francois Bellemare +25.070
11. Pierre Francois Roy +29.662
12. Charles Henri Caron +29.798
13. Francois Manseau +37.096
14. Serge Trudel +46.695
15. Frederick Bellemare +1 lap
16. Martin Horik +1 lap
17. Christian Talbot +1 lap
18. Bernard Dallaire +2 laps
19. alain Ferron +2 laps
20. Alexis Jaques DNF
21 Eric Ferron DNF
22. Michel Pelletier DNF
23. Maurice Morin DNF
24. Stephane Carron DNF
25. Eric Bellemarre DNF

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