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Coupe de Montreal Severs Ties with APKLQ

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Coupe de Montreal Severs Ties with APKLQ

Below is a message we have just received from the Coupe de Montreal organizers in regards to their relationship with the APKLQ, which in the past has partnered with the series for races. This decision does not change our decision to attend the opening round of the Coupe de Montreal at SH Karting on May 6 as part of the CKN Summer Tour.

Dear members of the karting community,

In our 2018 Coupe de Montréal racing calendar, four events have been scheduled as joint events with the Association des pilotes de Karting Loisir du Québec (APKLQ). This release has been done under consideration that the APKLQ will get its affiliation with Karting Québec and follow the rules and obligations for karting event organizers.

As of now, the APKLQ refused to affiliate with Karting Québec and to have the same status as the other club members of Karting Québec. On top of this, the APKLQ contests the legality and legitimacy of Karting Québec to ASN Canada FIA which submitted a letter informing the APKLQ that Karting Québec was in good standings with ASN Canada FIA and was its exclusive regional representative for karting.

The Coupe de Montréal organizers have always respected the regulation from the sanctioning bodies (Karting Québec and ASN Canada FIA). The war that APKLQ started against Karting Québec, for reasons which are unknown to us, seems counter-productive for our sport. As we do not want to put our championship in jeopardy regarding the recognition by the sanctioning bodies, including licensing for drivers, delivery or event permit or insurances for organizations, the Coupe de Montréal has decided that none of its events will be presented jointly with the APKLQ.

APKLQ racers are welcome if they want to participate in our races.

Yours truly,

Patrick Moreau, Montreal Cup Coordinator

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