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Coupe de Montreal Reveals 2022 Schedule


Coupe de Montreal Reveals 2022 Schedule

It is with great pleasure that we unveil the 2022 Montreal Cup Championship calendar.

As usual, the gymnastics required to elaborate the calendar is a great challenge. We have to take into account the availability of circuits, officials, other races whether karting or cars that may conflict with our events, avoid putting two rounds back-to-back and even in the case of Mont-Tremblant, take into account other non-motor sport events such as the Ironman.

We are presenting a six-race championship and it will be held at St-Hilaire, Tremblant, St-Celestin and Mirabel. The location of the 5th round is still to be determined.

For those who had expressed the desire to have one or two more races in the championship, this was not possible within the above criteria. However, several non-championship events, such as the Canadian Championships, the Canadian Open, the Briggs races, etc., are available to drivers who wish to add several races to their schedule.

Of course, the calendar has been prepared without taking the pandemic into account and we hope that this year will be the right one for the normal presentation of our races.

You can import the calendar into your agenda by downloading the Ical file. Depending on your agenda, you may have to save the calendar first and then, import it.

2022 Coupe de Montreal Schedule

Round #1May 1SH Karting
Round #2May 21-22Jim Russell Karting Academy
Round #3June 5SC Performance
Round #4July 31ICAR Karting
Round #5August 28TBD
Round #6September 17-18Jim Russell Karting Academy

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