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Coupe de Montreal Postpone R1 at SH Karting


Coupe de Montreal Postpone R1 at SH Karting

More bad news for kart racers looking to start the season off early as officials of the Coupe de Montreal Championship have been forced to postpone their first race event of the season, scheduled for May 2 at SH Karting.

Citing the current Covid-19 pandemic and current health regulations for the province of Quebec, it is not possible for organized races at this time, which is a similar situation to what Ontario is facing, forcing the officials of the MRFKC to postpone their first race as well.

“In a normal situation, we would have already published the Supplementary regulations and opened the registration for the first race of the season. With just over two weeks to go before the season starts on May 2nd in Mont-St-Hilaire, the public health regulations in force still do not allow us to start racing competitions. When the public health authorities will give the green light and communicate the conditions allowing the resumption of competitions, we will need some time to prepare the covid-19 regulations and have them approved before announcing the start of the racing season.”

“We can already announce that the first round scheduled on May 2nd at SH Karting will be postponed to a later date. As long as the resumption of competitions is not authorised, we will not set any postponement date in order to avoid multiple versions of the calendar circulating. For the time being, you can train on your favourite circuit and check the sanitary rules to be respected. The event scheduled for 15 and 16 May remains on the program for the time being in the hope that we can start the season there.”

While we are not sure when racing in Canada will be able to resume with the third wave of the pandemic affecting our entire country, we are hopeful that safely we can all return to racing soon.

More information and replacement dates will be announced on CKN when they become available.

In addition to the announcement today, Coupe de Montreal also confirmed the addition of the TM KZ-M1 and TM KZ-Masters classes to the championship, with prizes to be won for competitors. Learn more in the full announcement here.

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