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Coupe de Montreal Confirms Delayed Start to 2020 Season

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Coupe de Montreal Confirms Delayed Start to 2020 Season

Officials at the Coupe de Montreal have confirmed the inevitable, a delayed start to their 2020 season.

With the Covid-19 Epidemic keeping the world standing still at the moment, all karting races are at on hold across the country and we’re really not sure when karts will finally be allowed to hit the tracks in Canada this year.

Below is the statement issued by the Coupe de Montreal officials.

As you know, all karting centres and tracks are currently closed due to the covid-19 pandemic. Like everyone else, we are awaiting a decision from the authorities when karting activities will resume and, if so, what new standards will have to be put in place. As soon as we have the information, it will be communicated to you immediately.

With the information we have to date, we can already announce that the first two races of the season, Round 1 (May 10 in St-Hilaire) and Round 2 (May 30-31 in Mont-Tremblant) are postponed to later dates. The postponement and/or cancellation of various racing events (GP F1, GP3R, Rivière-du-Loup) gives us new possible dates to accomodate a modified racing calendar.

We receive a large number of personal requests regarding the possible changes to the schedule. Please note that there is no need to contact us for more information as we don’t have any. Until the government gives us the green light, we have no response to give you. As soon as we are in a position to start the season and modify the 2020 racing calendar, the information will be communicated to you immediately. We look forward to the resumption of racing just as much as you do.

The best we can all do at this time to accelerate the recovery is to continue to comply with government containment guidelines and take recommended hygiene measures. We hope that this situation is going as well as possible for you and your family.

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