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Conquer Dominates in Canadian Open Shifter Final


Conquer Dominates in Canadian Open Shifter Final

Making his debut on an Energy Kart this weekend, Ontario’s Joshua Conquer celebrated victory after a dominant performance in the Shifter Final of the Canadian Open in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.

From the outside of the front row, Conquer launched into the lead as pole-sitter Jean-Francois Lafontaine (CL Kart) was slow off the line and karts scrambled down the short chute before corner one.

After recovering from fourth back to second, Lafontaine and Alex Tagliani (CRG) came together in corner three on lap three and both would be forced to retire from the race.

This helped Conquer continue to build his lead, while Nathan Gilbert (SodiKart) and Charles Robin (SodiKart) moved into second and third.

Robin didn’t drive long behind his SH Karting teammate as he moved into second on lap six and began to pursue Conquer, who had built up a sizable lead.

Putting the fastest lap of the race, Robin was trying his best to catch the race leader, it just wasn’t enough as Conquer had checked out and would take the checkered flag by 1.7 seconds after fourteen laps.

Robin and Gilbert joined him on the podium, while Dominic LeGrand (BirelART) was fourth and Dany St-Hilaire (BirelART) was fifth, earning the Shifter Masters win in the process.

For his race victory, Conquer earned a race entry to ROK the RIO in Las Vegas later this year.

Race Results: Canadian Open Shifter Final

  1. Joshua Conquer
  2. Charles Robin +1.722
  3. Nathan Gilbert +4.023
  4. Dominic LeGrand +14.334
  5. Dany St Hilaire +15.158
  6. Henry Knox
  7. Alexandre Gauthier
  8. Louis Jean Boucher
  9. Martin Janson
  10. Michel Legrand
  11. Alec St Hilaire
  12. David Waite
  13. Colin Livingston
  14. Martin Verville
  15. Francesco Vassallo
  16. Charles Gauthier
  17. Marc Antoine Poirer
  18. Alex Tagliani
  19. Jean Francois Lafontaine
  20. Lucas Janson
  21. Nicholas Bedard

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