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Club News: WRKC Race #8 Report

JR Heavy starting grid led by #41 Peter Ditner (Photo courtesy: Lisa Black)

Club News

Club News: WRKC Race #8 Report

Not only is the Waterloo Regional Kart Club (WRKC) the largest kart racing club in Canada, they are proud to be the largest Master class in Canada. What is a Master class? or even better who is it that races in the master class? To be eligible for this class you need to be over 35 years old. We have a number of racers that come out, race in and race out that are over 50 years old. The class is made up of rookies, racers with only a year or 2 worth of experience and many that have been racing since they were kids. If there is anyone that thinks they are to old to get started in racing they need to come out to Flamboro Speedway anytime the WRKC races and find out that there are people of all ages and all sizes that race and have lots of fun doing it.

The WKRC was pleased to have Techno Metal Post as our race day sponsor. They manufacture an engineered Building Code approved helical pile foundation system. They supply and install helical piles that are drilled into the ground using their specialized equipment. Helical piles are structural supports where engineered loads can be applied, thus allowing for greater spans, and potentially reducing the number of traditional concrete sonotubes. The installation process is simple, fast, and the posts are serviceable immediately. The product has a low environmental impact and eliminates the need to excavate or use concrete. Techno Metal Posts are guaranteed to never heave or settle, making it the right choice for decks, additions, and sunrooms. We also specialize in many commercial applications. For more information please visit their website at or they can be reached by phone at 905-854-7388.

The WRKC returns to racing on July 23rd. Spectators are always welcome and there is no admission so please come out and join us.
For more information please visit our club website at


JR Lite podium topped by Josh Bisschop (Photo courtesy: Lisa Black)

Here are the top 5 results for each division -WRKC Race #8

1) Nolan Hofrichter
2)Ty Riopelle
3) Ryan Tot
4) Tenley Jackson
5) Kole Slote

Novice :
1) William Adams
2) Ethan Donkers
3) Joey Woolsey
4) Jonny Robillard
5) Ethan DeMenna

JR Lite :
1) Josh Bisschop
2) Keidon Fletcher
3) Christian Alger
4) Kyle DaSilva
5) Tyson Wassink

JR Heavy :
1) Jaden Baillargeon
2)Peter Ditner
3) Madison Colling
4) Tyler DiVenanzo
5) Ciarra Collison

SR Medium :
1) David Miller
2) Jared Gill
3) Andrew Whelan
4) Dominque Smith
5) Wesley Tobin

Masters :
1) Adrian Donkers
2) Dave Mordue
3) Brian Wilkinson
4) Scott Ellwood
5) Trevor McDonald

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