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Club News: WRKC Race 12 Report

Novice taking the green flag start led by Ethan DeMenna and Ethan Dingman (Photo by: Lisa Black)

Club News

Club News: WRKC Race 12 Report

As the racing season winds down with only one points race remaining, the action was still extremely competitive and challenging as weather was a changing factor with all races through out the day.

Masters Final was a real challenge with 4 DNF out of the starting 10 karts having weather related issues. Adrian Donkers dominated in the wet conditions for the win.

The Novice class final was exciting in the wet conditions with William Adams taking the win followed by Scotty Watkins with Dundas favorite Jonny Robillard taking the third spot.

Senior Medium provided one of the largest classes of the day and with the track condition pooling in several spots this was anyone’s race with positions constantly changing throughout the final. In the end Andrew Whelan took the win, Dominque Smith made a late race recovery to capture second followed by Tyler Paquette who also recovered from a late race spin.


Sr. Medium competitor Wesley Tobin (Photo by: Lisa Black)

The WRKC next race is Saturday Sept 24th so come on out and stay the night and watch some exciting Stock car action to end a great day of racing. For up to date info please check the WRKC web site

The club is very pleased to have the support of Cedar Springs Water Haulage.

Cedar Springs Water Haulage Inc., is a well-established, community Bulk Water Delivery Service provider in the Halton region and area. We are keen to provide our services to you, your family and organization.

The WRKC thanks them very much for being our race day sponsor.

Click here to learn more about the WRKC Oktoberfest Grand Prix!

Here are the top 5 results for each division.

1)Ty Riopelle
2) Cameron Glasgow
3) Kole Slote
4) Nolan Hofrichter

1) William Adams
2) Scotty Watkins
3) Jonny Robillard
4) Joey Woolsey
5) Logan Macrae

JR Lite:
1) Tyson Wassink
2) Josh Bisschop
3) Kyle DaSilva
4) Keidon Fletcher
5) Piper Adams

JR Heavy:
1) Aaron Turnbull
2) Mackenzie Clark
3) Max Wright
4) Ciarra Collison
5) Matthew Glenn

SR Medium:
1) Andrew Whelan
2) Dominque Smith
3) Tyler Paquette
4) Wesley Tobin
5) Noah Pesantl

1) Adrian Donkers
2) Gerry Reis
3) Andrew Tarr
4) Terry Ellwood
5) Trevor MacDonald

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