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Club News: LCQKC and LKA Series Confirmed for 2018

Club News

Club News: LCQKC and LKA Series Confirmed for 2018

The Lombardy Karting Association (LKA) and Le Circuit Quyon Karting Club (LCQKC) are pleased to announce that the two organizations have agreed in principle to establish a collaborative series for the 2018 race season. The series will see competitors of all ages from the two organizations race head-to-head challenging for one overall championship – the top kart racers in Canada’s Capital Region competing in one series.

The LKA is a non-profit, family-oriented, and volunteer-administered association which stages kart races throughout the summer at Lombardy Raceway Park, a kart track at Lombardy Fairgrounds near Smiths Falls, ON – just 45 minutes south of Ottawa. The LCQKC, based in Quyon, QC (just 45 minutes west of Ottawa), is also a non-profit, family-oriented, and volunteer-administered organization that races as part of the Ottawa-Gatineau Karting Championship, a series held exclusively at Le Circuit Quyon.

After some very positive discussions, the organizing committees of both kart clubs have agreed to work together to further the sport of karting in the region, and are eager to formalize additional details for next year’s series.

For 2018, the LKA and LCQKC have agreed to a combined 8-race series, that will see races split evenly between the two dedicated karting venues. The competitors from both organizations will be challenging for one overall series crown, and will also be eligible for participation in the Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series (

The official categories will be confirmed prior to next year’s race season, but the current plan is to run full Novice, Junior, Senior, Masters Briggs & Stratton classes, as well as the LKA’s popular Spec class at each event. Depending on turnout, other categories/variations will also be considered. The races will be sanctioned by ASN Canada, the governing body of Motorsport in Canada, and will align with ASN Technical and Sporting Regulations.

It looks like 2018 will be a banner year for karting in eastern Ontario and western Quebec! Please stay tuned for additional information as the year progresses.

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