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CKN News & Notes: Karting Quebec Finalizes 2014 Information


CKN News & Notes: Karting Quebec Finalizes 2014 Information

This week, the organizing committee of Karting Québec got together and confirmed the changes to the successful Coupe du Quebec program for 2014. While some information had leaked out and rumours swirled about potential new locations and rules, nothing was set in stone until this week.

CKN was able to get in touch with Karting Québec and share the new information from the meeting.

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Five Events Confirmed for 2014

Once again the series will consist of five events throughout the year. Similar to last year, the Coupe du Quebec will kick off with standalone events before partnering with the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship for the final two events. Starting at SH Karting in St-Hilaire on May 11, round two shifts over to KCR Karting in Château-Richer two weeks later. The ever popular SRA Karting in St-Roch de l’Achigan will host round three on June 15 before the highlight of the Coupe du Quebec season: Le Monaco de Trois-Rivieres on August 2-3 with the ECKC. Capping off the season and the crowning of 2014 champions will on the beautiful track of Karting Mont-Tremblant on Sept 20-21 also with the ECKC.

You can see all of our important race dates on the 2014 CKN Race Schedule.

Double-Headers for Le Monaco de Trois Rivieres and Mont-Tremblant

A big change for the new season will see seven races count for points instead of five. The first three standalone races at SH, KCR and SRA will be single races while the events combined with the ECKC will count as two points races. Instead of Coupe du Quebec on Saturday and ECKC on Sunday, both race days will count towards the championships in both series.

New Tires and Additional Classes for Briggs & Stratton For all Briggs & Stratton classes

in 2014 racers will now drive on Vega Blue tires. To run in parallel with the ECKC and ASN Canadian National Karting Championships, the Coupe du Quebec has added Briggs & Stratton Masters divisions to the class roster. A Briggs & Stratton Junior class will also be added.

Le Monaco runs a portion of the famed GP3R track in Trois-Rivieres.  (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

Le Monaco runs a portion of the famed GP3R track in Trois-Rivieres.
(Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

Micro-Max and Mini-Max Claim Rule is Back!

As demonstrated in 2012, the engine claim rule is back for the Micro-Max and Mini-Max divisions. Following each race event, drivers will have the option to purchase the race winners engine for retail plus $300.00, with the driver who finished last being given the option first.

This rule has been reinstated to keep the costs low in the entry level divisions where the focus should be on driver development. Drivers failing to offer up their engine following a race will result in a complete disqualification from the event.

Random Ignition Coil Distribution at Select Events

At the discretion of the race director, the top-five drivers after Qualifying in select classes at select events will provided an Ignition Coil from Karting Quebec to be used for the remainder of the race day. The ignition coils have been purchased from Rotax Max Canada and are to be returned at the completion of the race day.

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