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CKN Exclusive: DD2 Ontario Championship Formed!

CKN Exclusive

CKN Exclusive: DD2 Ontario Championship Formed!

As one of Canada’s most popular classes at the national level, Rotax DD2 doesn’t have a very large presence in club or even regional racing. That is where Frank Menotti came up with the idea to create a small championship for the two-speed premier division in Canada, selection a handful of popular club race events, creating the Ontario DD2 Championship.

“I wrote up a schedule, sent out a few emails and made a few calls just to see what the rest of the DD2 drivers thought,” explains Menotti. “The response was great. My next step was to sell it to Dan (Di Leo) so he would add the class. Dan being a man of his word said he would add the class for us committed drivers. Once I went to Ken (Flute), who had seen how hard I worked last year to get the DD2 class going at Mosport, he agreed to the six races as well.”

The Championship will consist of 12 races split between locations Mosport, Goodwood, the Kart Stars Grand Prix and will allow drivers to have one drop. The events also do not conflict with the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship as all racers are to compete at the ECKC. However, the series will include the Canadian Nationals on their schedule as Menotti feels everyone will be competing anyways.

“The excitement is now on! I had so many e-mails and phone calls from other teams and track owners that want in, because they have other DD2 drivers with no where really to run but the ECKC and the Nationals,” continues Menotti. “I think that the Ontario DD2 championship will grow over the year once people see that ten committed drivers stick together and are have fun doing it at low costs. Twelve races, four different tracks for less cost than one ECKC weekend. Thanks to the drivers and parents that committed with me to make this happen. Can’t wait till our opening race Mosport May 12,2013.”

For those interested or have any questions, they are instructed to contact Frank Menotti at

2013 DD2 Ontario Championship Schedule

Date Location Event Details
 May 12 Mosport
 May 26 Mosport Combined with TRAK
 June 15 Goodwood
 June 22 Goodwood Combined with MIKA
 July 13-14 Kart Stars Grand Prix Honda Indy
 July 27 Mosport Summerfest
 July 28 Mosport Summerfest
 August 17 Goodwood
 August 23-25 Goodwood ASN Canadian Nationals
 August 31 Mosport King of the Hill
 September 8 Mosport
 September 22 Mosport Final Race


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